New console challenge

Never one to refuse a (harmless) dare…

Steve Foster? Didn’t he write The Camptown Lady??

OK? Is there anything special about it? Should I know Steve Foster? Has he switched from the industrial crane business to making consoles? =/

His hosting is through The website is completely bogged down with only 2300 (according to the sites internal usercount) simultaneous users. This isn’t a company, it’s a fucking troll. No self-respecting company, let alone one that is “revolutionary” or “wants to change the world of entertainment” would have such a shitty access point for it’s users.

It’s a troll. A very good one. And anyone who can’t see that by way of the website, the press release, and the whois is blind.

Edit: Pardon, his hosting is, yet is handling his dns. Odd. Again, unusual for a “company.” Oh, and doesn’t exist, it’s not a hosting company. Again, unusual.

I guess, especially considering their online focus.

But I’m not having any problems loading anything on the site.

Yeah, there’s nothing that even approaches sustantive information on the website. I don’t think there was even an email address for perspective developers to contact the company to find out basic information like what kind of processor or operating system it will have. Completely bogus. I call shenanigans!

I have it on good notice from the grapevine that its not a hoax. Can’t say anything beyond that. Except for, maybe, that I wish 'em luck - cuz they’re gonna be needed a lot of it.

Seems like, as noted above, they’re looking for some money and some backers. It also seems like they’re going to be counting on emulation for their dough. I hope for their sake, if that’s the case, they’ve got deep pockets for lawyers.


Yeah, that looks like it took all of fifteen minutes in Illustrator. Quick, somebody think of a name for the official Quarter To Three Console, and I’ll mock up a better-looking one. The DaveLongCube? The Chick’sBox? The WumpuS2? Just think what we can do with all that venture capital!

Obviously, the Raelians can do much more than clone people!

I hope it is a hoax, because if not… well, I can smell the impending doom from here.

IGN does an update.

I dont know, but when reading the way they phrase their descriptions it seems like they might be makeing a console that emulates the XBox, Gamecube, PS2, PC etc. so that consumers could play any game on their phantom console.

Re read the homelan interview and see if you can see that between the lines? Am I out in left field here?

Considering their mock-up doesn’t seem to include a media drive, probably yes.