New content at Qt3

Check the front page if you’ve been going directly to the forums. New news, new reviews, and a new Shoot Club. We’re stylin!

So I have to ask, just to get a little better perspective on how Shoot Club comes about…

The title “EB or Not EB” was mentioned way back when the last Shoot Club was posted. Yet the episode is all about waiting for Neverwinter Nights. So, I know this is nit-picky, but I’m curious. Was it just a good title Tom had back then? Or was this chapter originally written with “Freedom Force” or “Dungeon Seige” in the place of NWN? And, does anyone besides me really care?

Another fine piece, Tom. Keep up the good work.

Mark, does all this new content mean your assignment with PopTop is over? Not nosy, just curious.


Yes, my work there is done. My goal was to stay until I managed to get the Take 2 stock price under $20, and I achieved it!

(Ok, the game I was working on is done and mastering now, and there wasn’t anything else for me to do since I can’t write code or draw pictures. PopTop doesn’t handle any marketing and non-code and non-art stuff, unfortunately, and their big secret game is still miles away from needing any kind of a writer.)

What about the Wizardry 8 review huh? You liars.


Chris, I have a bunch of Shoot Clubs outlined but not finished yet. Most of them begin with something general (e.g. indecision at EB) and the specifics get plugged in along the way.

As for the Wizardry 8 review, gah. Scharmers wrote a nice review up for us right before we went dormant and it got lost in the aether of non-updating. It’s no less topical than, say, a Freedom Force review, so we’ll still put it up.


YAY! Qt3’s back!!!
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