New Damnatus trailer up

If anyone remembers Damnatus, a German fan-movie based on Warhammer 40,000,there is a new 3-minute trailer available.

Looking real good. They’re definitely helped by the German, acting-wise (I don’t know German well enough to know when speech is stilted). The question is if the direction will be tight enough through the entire thing.

German suits the material, too.

German is indeed good, though I’d like to see a bit more latin thrown in for good measure. High Gothic and all.

Let me as a German tell you that German films are among the worst films produced on this planet, probably only surpassed by Indian and Vietnamese productions. :)

I’m anxious to see if Damnatus can break free from the curse of being German.

No space marines in sight. Couple of Adeptus Mechanicus guys, and a bunch of what appear to be “army surplus store” Imperial Guardsmen. This doth not bode well.

Show me one shot of a Genestealer hybrid with a lasrifle and I’m sold though.