New Dell eject "hotkey" stuck

So I got one of the new Studios and it’s a fine machine, except it ejects the CD every 5 second, regarldess of whether there’s one in there or not. The culprit is one of the touch-sensitive keys above the keyboard, since I can see it lighting up by itself … probably a loose pad.

I can send it back, risking them sending it right back since it’s intermittent (of course it won’t manifest when they got it on the bench, that’s how these things work) or I could try to disable those keys. Anyone got any idea how to do that?

You mean on the Dell keyboard? There should be something in the control panel that Dell installed for controlling that.

Another option would be to plug in a different keyboard ;)

No, it’s a media key above the keyboard proper.

If plugging a keyboard in disabled the standard keyboard + media keys that’d be … well, not too good, really. Adding peripherals to a laptop kinda defeats the purpose.

Ooops! For some reason I missed the laptop part. Ignore that.

There must be a setting in the control panel for “active keyboard” or something like that. There should be a Dell specific setting in there, or perhaps under your programs menu somewhere.

If they didn’t add such a program, you’ll probably have to call them. That would annoy the hell out of me, personally (not calling them, but having the DVD eject constantly)

Yeah, it’s mostly the annoyance factor, which is why I’m trying to find an alternate solution to returning the thing. I haven’t found much info out there, except that something called ‘QuickSet’ drives the whole thing. Uninstall it and supposedly the media keys stop working.

I’d much rather just remove that ONE key from action, though. :/

I can’t tell from the pic, but is it possible to physically remove the key? I know that’s a bit extreme, but still.

It’s part of the panel. Our hardware guy here is willing to take a look at it, and he might have an express route to Dell’s techs.

Spent about 40 minutes last night with a Dell tech who (or whose script), despite being fast and fairly direct, still failed to correctly zero in on the issue. Unfortunately it’s gonna be a bit of back and forth, since I can’t really persuade them that it’s the key, and not the software or the DVD drive.

To add to the fun, it only happens when the machine’s been running for a while; I suspect it might be heat related. Something loosens or tightens, and the key which is already somewhat loose becomes activated. So what did they have me do to test whether it’s hardware or Windows? Sit in BIOS for 20 minutes … where the heat buildup is almost nil. Naturally it didn’t do it even once in BIOS, and started doing it within 5 minutes of firing up Vista. D’oh!

I think this is why I left EE for CS. :P

Anyway. Here’s hoping our tech can work some magic.