New Dell laptops smell like cat piss


Sounds like cheap plastic to me… possibly manufactured with cat piss!

Here is the explanation, I guess they should add a smell test to there testing.

Don’t buy dells. Their quality control has been terrible for years.

Well ammonia is used in plastic manufacturing, so that’d be my guess.

At least they’re not exploding anymore.

We use Dell laptops at work, and while they’ve done pretty well by us, on a personal level I usually recommend Toshiba. I understand they are manufactured with 53% less cat piss.

“Dude, you’re getting a…WTF is that smell?”

“It rhymes with Dell”

Rock the cat box?

Never had a problem with Dells, although we tend to run their precision line rather than latitudes.

This incident has had the dubious honor of being immortalized in this weekend’s “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!” Bluff the Listener segment (“Wait Wait…Don’t Dell Me”).

At least it doesn’t smell like cat ass.