New Dell Vostro Laptops?

Anyone got experience with the new range of Dell laptops, the Vostro range? Particularly the 1500, linked here? I’m looking for a new laptop, primarily development, browsing & relatively low-demanding games from the likes of GameTap.

Are those the ones that come in pretty colors? I like the pretty colors, although I can never pick which one I want.

Pretty colours like black, black or black :)

I just bought the 1400 over the weekend for law school. I’m not supposed to actually receive it until early August.

Sounds like the name of some kind of space vampire.

Does it suck your blood via a usb port?


Arrived yesterday - everything’s been spiffy so far, although I’m still adjusting to Vista. The 1400 is neither heavy nor light at around six pounds, but it does seem to have a ton of battery life with the 85 WHr battery.

In banking, ‘vostro’ refers to an account opened at a domestic bank by a foreign correspondent bank. It’s the opposite of a nostro account.

Nostro accounts are named after Count Nostro, who is obviously Vostro’s vampire archnemesis.

Mine arrived last week, two weeks ahead of schedule.

I got the 1500 because it won’t really be used “on the go” much, so the extra weight is worth the increased size of monitor etc. I went XP rather than Vista. So far I’m really happy with it - it’s powerful, runs Civ4BTS perfectly well, and it’s nice & zippy for XNA/Visual Studio.