New desktop

Waiting 6 months to a year AND THEN buying an SSD makes infinitely more sense than buying one now. An SSD only system is highly impractical unless your PC usage is so negligible your entire data usage can fit in a 128GB SSD drive (god, that’s the size of the usb stick on my keychain!). Anyway, any normal user will need a regular HDD in either case, what is the harm in starting out with a regular hdd and adding an SSD later on, when they are faster and cheaper by a large margin a few months from now?

EDIT: Also, I recommended a core i5. So you’re confused (I’m guessing).

But that’s being hyperbolic. A 256gb brand name drive will set you back, shrug, 160-200$, depending on when you buy it. A 512 gb brand name is $400 now. The days when you needed to segregate everything onto several different drives are almost gone.

Now, if you’re, i don’t know, one of those guys that sets his computer to file share all day or something, 256gb won’t be enough. But i’m typing this right now on a laptop that has over 26 Steam games installed, including Saints Row 3, Skyrim, and Battlefield 3 (on Origin) and it still has 21gb free.

that’s amazing ;)
Conversely, I migrated my 160GB SSD to my Macbook Pro, where for example my projects folder is 40GB and I am now suffering with half my files being on my keychain thumb drive that’s always plugged in and hanging out like a goiter…
If you are comfortable with anything below 1TB, well, lucky you.

EDIT: I like that Steam game collection remark. Is that supposed to indicate a good size for a collection? because I have about 200 games taking up ~ 700GB in one partition. That’s why I have an internal 3TB drive. You sound like a Mac steam user :D

Everybody, EVERYBODY, should get a SSD. EVERYBODY.

Any advice to the contrary is POISON!

whose saying “don’t get an SSD”? lol

My personal perspective: get hdd now, ssd later. Just make sure your OS partition is small enough to fit in an SSD with room to spare for later when you relegate the hdd to data only.

If we want to play “whose hard disk has more steam games on it”, my desktop has a 1tb second disk with about 900gb of Steam games. Truth is though, 95% of these i’ll probably never play again.

Right. That is horrible, horrible advice. If you don’t have a SSD, you should buy one instantly. Pay for next-day shipping.

the whole point of steam is that your entire collection can be accessed from a disk instantly - no need to pop in a cd/dvd and start installing that old game you have sitting in your shelf from 2004. Even if you don’t play them now, at least all your control configs, mods, tweaks etc. are safely stored and can be backed up safely. In addition to my 3TB drive, I have a 4TB external WD that I use to back up my bluray/dvd rips and my awesome Steam folder. Never again do I have to reinstall Vampire Bloodlines, NEVER AGAIN!

… anyway, saying that a data HDD is not important or necessary today is stretching it honestly, at least for gamers and people with a healthy iTunes purchasing habit.

you are basically saying SSDs are at their peak now. I’ll hold you to that stusser!

No, I’m saying they’re well worth the modest cost and if you don’t have one you should buy one right now. Immediately.

enough to step down on a gpu?
You can always spend $100-$150 later on an SSD, but a nice new gpu will always be $300-$400. Making a mistake on the gpu side is not easy to correct, no?

You are right, it isn’t, it’s pretty close to an nvidia gtx580. Thing is, I’ve owned a gtx580 for almost 2 years now. It doesn’t make sense to own a card that is equivalent to a very early '11 benchmark with the possible release of next-gen consoles and uber high end cards from nvidia next year. This convenient console lull we’ve been experiencing for the past 5 years will surely end in 2013, I wouldn’t want to have a system that is instantly outdated next june.

Sure. A $200 GPU is perfectly fine these days, since most games are console ports. Magnetic storage is a huge bottleneck. Getting a SSD was the largest upgrade I’ve ever performed on my computer, including upgrading from a 286 to a 486-dx4-100.

noted. My gut feeling tells me things are going to change drastically this June. I haven’t been wrong yet. We’ll see.

I’m curious, what kind of hard disks were you using before? and what do you usually do?

My first intel 80gb was fast, but it was so tiny it barely made a difference - at best I could use it for a handful of important apps and paging. Going down to a budget Kingston SSD was just bad, it had the same performance as my old 120GB Raptor (10,000RPM)!!!

Never went back to budget SSD after that so things were much faster. Still, I have terabytes of apps/games/rips and I don’t feel the need to move them to my SSD. Ram was really the biggest performance upgrade for me personally, haven’t felt a huge impact going from going to SSD - or maybe I’m used to it now…

You’re just used to it now. It’s a ridiculous upgrade.

Everybody, yeah, rock your cpu right. SSD’s back, aaaaalllll right!


backstreet boys… shoots self

Yes. While we’ve been known to differ on SSD brands, this advice is 100% true. I also completely agree for going for a mid-range graphics card, I’m very happy with my 7850 and would recommend it - and the drivers keep delivering nice performance boosts too.

(And lol @ “you should get a thunderbolt port”. Talk about a gimmick…)

I suppose you could, but that card would have a PCIe to thunderbolt (which is essentially also PCIe) bridge, which I imagine would hurt performance. A quick google says that thunderbolt addin cards do exist, but no reviews yet.

I’d say a more telling question is “why do you want thunderbolt anyway?” USB3 is just as fast for most connectivity. There’s always the possibility of an external thunderbolt PCIe enclosure so you can use a real desktop-level graphics card with your laptop, but those still don’t exist.

thunderbolt is a gimmick? You have to be kidding me…