New Digital-Online Games Magazine

Enoble Media, a national magazine publishing house, today announced plans for the digital-only launch of its new Portable Gaming & Entertainment Magazine using proprietary digital publication technology in partnership with Zinio Systems, Inc. The decision for digital-only publication is supported by findings from marketing studies specific to its audience demographics, revealing that the digital generation of game players is more connected to their computers than to print magazines.

Further unique to this launch, the company announced that magazine subscriptions are fully ad-supported. This means 250,000 interested readers will gain instant access to the publication each month. Game enthusiasts across the nation are anticipating the first issue, slated for release in late August. Enoble will provide an independent audit of circulation for each issue.

Portable Gaming & Entertainment Magazine delivers information to readers in a revolutionary new format offering the best of print magazines combined with rich media content. The traditional magazine format gives readers enhanced graphics and design, along with layout continuity, familiar usability and an extended shelf life. The digital format allows for live URL links on each page, plus rich text media embedded on ad pages including Flash animation, video clips with television spots or game play, and audio tracks. Unlike print advertising advertisers gain instant and direct response from their target audience.

Integrating rich media into ad mediums has gained superior reviews by industry leaders with its ability to make the strongest advertising message impact. “Today’s gamers are graphically attuned by the very nature of the medium they’re drawn to,” states Andrew Eisenberg, General Manager of Enoble Media. “It’s not realistic to rely on a passive print page in a traditional magazine to gain or hold their attention in comparison with a rich media page”. The instant gratification offered by PG&E’s live links give the gamer just what the advertiser needs to take advantage of the impulse buying habits and spending power of this market. “We’re not surprised to see such strong response from advertisers,” continued Eisenberg.

To learn more about Portable Gaming & Entertainment Magazine, please visit:

I suppose it would make a fine supplement since it’s free and all.

Cool, finally a magazine has just skipped that stupid paper and gone straight to microfiche.

Well that’s certainly…ugly.

proprietary readers suck. I dont even like pdf.

No joke on that. At least PDF I dont mind but installing something else?