New Dom2 Game -- QT3-Hammer

It’s that time again! Time to get a new dom2 game going so the pros can whine about fine details and the n00bs can an education by beating on the whiny pros!

Players - 8
Nick Walter – Acrosephale
balut – Ulm
Logos – Ermor
Sharpe-- Marignon
Brandon Clements – Vanheim
JM – Jotunheim
Rywill – Rlyeh
Mister Widget – Pangaea

Map: Kingdom of Karan


All default except commander renaming on and score graphs off


Only one underwater nation (Karan doesn’t support both comfortably)
Ryan’s rule of labs is in effect. No hoarding.
Hosting schedule is RELAXED. Game will host when people finish their turns. If the game drags on, a vote of all remaining players - 1 can force the turn advancement if one person is stalling things too much.

edit: I’ll try Ulm this time.

lemme give ermor a try.

Ermor taken already? I’ll start the anti-Ermor alliance right now then :D

I’m also going to reserve an unspecific race right now for Sharpe since he was asking around for a MP dom2 game and I like to make sure that new players get their first hit and hence become horribly addic . . . err . . . I just like to make sure new players get in games.

OK, I’ll join in as Marignon. Nobody expects the Hungarian Inquisition :0.


What is Ryan’s rule of labs btw?

Ryan’s Rule of Labs (Named for Rywill, who originally stole the idea from me) is designed to stop certain strategies that people found distasteful.

The rule is simple. If gems leave the lab, or originate outside the lab, they can never go into the lab. So if you give gems to a commander they have to use them or give them to another commander who will use them. Also, if the commander naturally generates gems (Sea Troll) or generates gem via an item (Clam of Pearls, Fever Fetish, etc) then they must use those gems themselves or pass them off to another commander to use. They can’t put be put in the lab for forging or ritual uses.

Note that the rule in no way applies to blood slaves.

wonder if i’ll be able to set a record for being taken out of a game as a newbie Ermor.

I think we will all be hard pressed to ever beat Dave Perkins record of elimination by military conquest in something like 7 turns. Aggressive neighbors, low indies, and close starting locations conspired against him on that one.

I’ll take Vanheim, if you don’t mind.

Oh hell. Jotunheim, please.

Don’t feel bad about this one, it’s on a relaxed schedule. No pressure. It practically doesn’t count as a real dom2 game. It’s a diet dom2 game. Dom2 lite! No calories, no guilt! Sign up all you want!

God damn you, Nick Walter, I had put this game down. R’lyeh.

I’ll give it a try. Put me down for Pangaea please.

This is a more complicated way of saying “No putting gems into the lab for any reason.” They can move out, but not in. It’s like a reverse roach motel.

I’ll take Abysia!

Damn! There’s already 9 people for 8 spots.

I was a little surprised. I expected to fill the game in an hour, but I went 3 minutes over :(

Anyhoo, game is full and nations are picked. Please PM me an email address you want to use for this game. JM, Balut, Brandon Clements and Rywill: I have you on file from previous games so no need to PM me if you just want me to re-use the last address I had for you.

You can also start designing your pretenders just to be on the ball. I’ll ask for them formally when I have the email list for the game built.

Eveyone should have gotten the intro email asking for pretenders. Let me know if you didn’t because it means I typoed your email address when building the address list for this game!

Got it, will do my pretender when I get home from work.

Is this game happening? B/c there seem to be really severe turn delays. I feel like the game is not going anywhere.

Overall, between the slow turn processing on this game and the complete clusterf*&! of the server not saving my last turn in the Rainbow game, this is souring me on multiplayer Dom II real fast.

Is this game going to happen or not?