New Dom2 Game -- QT3-Hammer

This game is a relaxed game, so there is no set schedule. Relaxed games tend to progress slowly, which can be agonizing if you are used to fast paced action. I’ll try and be more active in sending reminders to the last player to act, that often speeds things up some. I know the game stalled this weekend because we had a player out of town.

If everyone agrees, I’d vote to put a 48 hour forcehost on the game. I didn’t notice it was relaxed when I signed up, and generally don’t like relaxed games for this very reason. Of course, if anyone objects to that, we should keep it relaxed, since it was my dumb mistake not reading the parameters.

I’ll go along with that if we can agree to breaks around thanksgiving and xmas. The specific reason I started this one as relaxed is that I know have travel commitments around those times, and it isn’t work travel so I’m not guaranteed to have a laptop and internet access everywhere I go.

Due to some work schedule conflicts and the slow start, Sharpe has asked me to set his nation A/I. Marignon will be easy meat now for those lucky enough to neighbor them :D

Can I have a look at his marignon? I might be interested in taking over.

Slow turns are mostly my fault at the moment. Trying to sort that, though :)

I love the early stages of these Dom2 MP games, where you still have hope before the mid-late-game hits and you realize you stand no chance against the Doom Horror-wishing, Wrathful Skies-using, unending-tide of SC-sending factions that just wring all the fun out of the endgame.

(Vanheim) It’s mine, precioussss…

We are again soliciting for a replacement for this game. Mister Widget had some other commitments come up that will make him unreliable for keeping up with turns. He was nice enough to provide his password so we are in need of a Pangaea player. I haven’t looked at the Pangaean position myself (it would be improper, I’m in the game as another nation) but it’s early on in the game so that situation can’t be that bad.

Since nobody seemed interested, Panagaea has been set A/I.

Damn, and I’m right next to Pangaea. I hate having insane AI neighbors in these multiplayer games.

I like AI neighbors if I’m not in any other conflicts. The AI doesn’t put up an intelligent fight so it’s much easier to annex an AI neighbor than a human one. Think of this as your big chance to jump to an early lead :D

Hey, good call, as long as the AI doesn’t go suicidally apeshit insane and invades with everything he’s got. That could slow my expansion.