New Dom2 Game -- QT3-Lavalamp (FULL)

Since I’m on the verge of succumbing in JM-Hardcore and Pampered-Moose, I thought a new Dom2 game would be appropriate. This one is a bit odd, so please read the special rules carefully.

Victory Conditions:

Last 2 players surviving win

Game Settings:

Map: Karan
Score Graphs Off
Renaming Enabled
Sites Frequency: 55
All else default

Game Rules:

Diplomacy by any means is okay.

Last 2 players alive win. This does not mean pre-set teams. There are no pre-set or mandatory alliances in this game, so negotiation will be important.

Only one underwater faction allowed.

Hosting is 48 hour hardcore with 2 caveats. Forced hosting will be disabled for the week of Thanksgiving if the game is still ongoing then. Ditto for the weeks of Xmas/New Years if the game is still ongoing then.

Ryan’s rule of labs is in effect. Nobody is allowed to move gems from commanders into their labs. Commander to commander gem movement is okay. I will audit the game afterwards to ensure compliance if there is any suspiscion, but while the game is ongoing I won’t be able to tell, so I just have to ask people to please follow the rule.


  1. Caelum – Nick Walter (email in) (pretender in)
  2. Machaka – Casey Robinson (email in) (pretender in)
  3. Rlyeh – Ben (email in) (pretender in)
  4. Marignon – Backov (email in)
  5. Pythium – Calistas (email in) (pretender in twice)
  6. Jotunheim – Balmoth (pretender in)
  7. Mictlan – Carnifex (email in) (pretender in)
  8. Man – Brandon Clements (email in) (pretender in)

I’m anticipating a pretty quick exit from QT3Cradle, so I’m looking for another game. And here one is! Great! Hopefuly this one I won’t blow quite as quickly.

Please sign me up for Machaka.

World War and Feeding Frenzy are slow and I got a tough starting spot in Ben-Noob and believe I might be headed for an early exit, so I’m up for it. I’ll take R’lyeh, I haven’t played a water species in MP yet.

I’m in, Marignon please.

Pythium please!



Jotunheim Please

I have yet to play it in MP, so…


May God have mercy on my soul.

I’ll take Man.

Okay, we are full then. Everyone please PM me with an email address they want me to use for the automatic notifications for this game. I’ll also use that to ask for pretenders, which you can start working on.

Remember to put a password on your pretender since this will be a server game!

Just 8 players? Wouldn’t 9 make it oh so right? :)

Sorry VegasRobb, I keep the player counts low so the games move along faster. I realize that I could easily fill a 16 player QT3 game because we are so rich in good dom2 players, but I have to draw the line somewhere :(

But but i didn’t say 16, I just said 9.

I guess I’ll wait for the next go-round. :)

Still waiting on PMs from Balmoth and Carnifex. Sorry guys, I know I used to have your emails from previous dom2 games but I lost my dom2 email list last month so if I’m not playing with you now I don’t have your addy.

I just sent you a PM with my e-mail.[/quote]

I’ve got everyone’s email and the first group email requesting pretenders has been sent. If you don’t get the email please let me know. I average about 3 email typos per game so if I’m running to form 3 of you shouldn’t receive the email ;-)

Just a general update, still waiting on pretender from Backov.

Erk! Ok, I’m on it. I was busy with a nasty case of food poisoning the other day, that’s my excuse.

I’ll get that in this aft.

Backov the Backstabber? Heard much about this Dark Jedi in another thread ;)

Backov the Backstabber? Heard much about this Dark Jedi in another thread ;)[/quote]

Excellent, I’ve been looking for a good nickname for him! I hereby dub him Darth Backstab. The full title, for ceremonial purposes, shall be “Darth Backstab, King of the Doom Horrors”.