New Dom2 Overflow Game

I missed out on the new Dom 2 games and I noticed some people were still looking for a new game as well. I’ll give it a shot hosting an email game. Here are the facts:

The Map is Karan…you need to download it at if you don’t have it already.

Number of Players Desired: 6
Starting Provinces: 1
Strength of Independents: 4
Special Site Frequency: 45
World Richness: Normal
Random Events: Common
Score Graphs: Disabled
Hall of Fame Entries: 10
Research Rate: Standard
Victory Conditions: Standard
Master Password: Disabled
Renaming: Allowed
Negotiation only allowed in game via messages.

I’ll keep a list here of the players signed up

I’d like a group that can do a turn a day at least for the starting phase then hopefully 3 a week as a minimum.

The Karan Map doesn’t have much ocean real estate so keep that in mind if you want to pick an aquatic race.

Abysia: Vic Davis
Ulm: SlyFrog
Jotunheim: Bascule
Tien Chi: Jayson
Pythium: Olaf
Arco: Kevin McGuire
C’tis: Doug Jones

email me with your pretenders at vjdavis3 (AT)

Added one more for seven…lucky number. GAME IS CLOSED.

I’ll play Ulm.

I’m in!

I’ll try a new one. Jotenheim. Pretender on the way.

Ya know, if you want a fast-moving game, you could run a server for this. I’m playing in three server-games now, and they all move at least one turn every day. The server can be set to auto-host at the same time (or two times, or whatever) every day. If you don’t log on and play your turn before the host, you lose it. Pretty good incentive.

I’d like to play another game. Please put me down for Tien Chi.

Pythium please! Pretender otw!


I’m in as Arco. Who knows, maybe I’ll get it right this time.

Pretender sent.

Ack got to it first nevermind

Ulm should be leaving an electronic vapor trail toward your computer as we speak.

Alright I’m Ctis, Pretender file sent.

Sorry about the delay, was busy at a LAN party all day, but I just sent Vic my Pretender File.

This Game is under way. Let the pretending begin!

Is this game dead? I think it was on hold for a few weeks while one of the players did some travelling, but it seems that was quite a while ago.