New Doom 3 screenies

Some guy who got some idi–er–some nice clerk to get it from the back for them.

Hopefully he’s running it on superlow quality settings… look at how pointy this dude’s head is! I know D3 is all about low-polygon characters with highres bumpy well lit shadowed and normal mapped textures, but that’s ridiculous.

It’s in the enigmatic “back?” Dammit! I’m getting my riot gear and jumping the desk at EB tomorrow.

On Voodoo someone said that Best Buy has it. So don you Space Marine suit and rush the storage room!
I’m giving it a try, hell, no wife or kid tomorrow night…

I don’t know. Kind of reminds me of Jay Buhner. :D

Man, those are some mighty dark screen shots. I hope D3 isn’t something I have to put a blanket over my monitor to play.

new trailer

How about a trailer link that doesn’t require you to sign away your first-born child?

From the ign thread, the “supervillian” guy is apparently running a fx5200 at 640x480.

More pics:

Best Buy, eh? That’d require a mecha-Hitler suit at very least…

His head looks pointy in the trailer, too.