New Doom movie?


How did this just sneak up on me? Apparently Doom: Annihilation is coming later this year.

OK I admit the title of the movie set off a daydream about a mashup of the Doom universe with the Southern Reach books. I would pay to watch that.


I would much rather see a movie based on Masters of Doom. Which, last I checked, some producer had the rights to, but dunno if it will move forward.


Been meaning to read that, it does sound interesting.


Looks like direct-to-streaming garbage.

I’ll watch it.


Lol that looked terrible. I saw this headline somewhere that seemed apt:

New Doom Movie Trailer Proves This World is Already Hell


Say no more.


No Rock, No Watchey.



Hopefully when all the redshirts die in the first five minutes Doom Guy goes straight to hell and hangs out killing pinkies, cacodemons, Lost Souls, and Barons of Hell for the remaining 2 hours.

I wouldn’t mind more footage of blood pentagrams and splattered organs, but at least they’re explicitly dealing with DEMONS ON FUCKING MARS instead of a stupid virus this time around.

And those huge weapons look lighter than wiffle bats.


That caused a huge explosion of meh in my brain.


Woof, does that ever look atrocious.


Somewhere at Netflix an acquisitions exec is sitting at a desk going “Hmmm…I wonder how much”


You know how Doom wanted to be Aliens: The Game? Well it looks like the Doom movie wants to be Aliens: The Game: The Movie.

So it’s definitely watch for me. Even though it looks awful it can’t be any worse than all of these AAA superhero movies. I recognised a bunch of the actors from random TV shows in the UK, and there’s also Merida from Once Upon A Time.

Personally, I believe that the ideal Doom movie is 1 minute of scroll text followed by 2 hours of shooting. (Imagine Hard Boiled, but set in Hell).


Nothing wrong with a woman playing the main role in a Doom movie.
But… why does she look so puny in the trailer? I mean, if you’re going to do that you want someone who can look physically imposing, like Gwendoline Christie. And why does everything in the trailer look so bad?

Honestly, I get some Dracula 3000 vibes from this, so… I’ll probably check it out with some booze!


I’m so blind. I didn’t even notice the movie centered on a female Doom Guy. I was too busy trying to make out monsters, gear, and horror.


Awesome. I hope the GamerGaters squeak and gibber in the streets.


Every movie adaptation of games is an epic failure. Not expect nothing good from it.


Rampage is actually pretty decent, at least close enough to the original.
Good, silly popcorn movie for a good, silly arcade game.

Warcraft also wasn’t that bad, except I couldn’t understand a single word the Orc shaman said. Unintelligible mumbling…

As to why Doom continues to fail when all you’d need is a good 80s style action movie… I have no clue.


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