New DS games this week

So Lunar and Lost in Blue are both getting pretty middling reviews, but especially Lunar. Very disappointing, I really wanted a good RPG for the thing. Anyone tried Lost in Blue? It still sounds interesting to me, but some of the problems the IGN review mentions (inaccurate controls, lack of depth) are disturbing.

I was looking forward to Lunar but the reviews have not been kind. It really sounds like they rushed it to be the first DS RPG.

Big week next week! Trauma Center and Castlevania. I think Phoenix Wright hits in 2 weeks and Metroid Pinball end of the month. Exciting!

Gunstar Super Heores for GBA at the end of the month too, which I will play on my DS.

I got Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow yesterday but didn’t get around to play it yet… too many games!

damm castlevania is coming out already, man where did the time go (for me anyway) I’m still low on funds from buying katamari and Ninja gaiden one week apart.

Trace Memory is in this week. I think that’s a good buy for anyone interested in adventure-style games.

Naming this game Lunar was an abuse of the franchise. I guess I only really liked the first two because of Working Designs. But Lost in Blue rocks.

By that you mean you enjoyed Working Design’s americanized translation or do you mean you enjoyed the games developed by Game Arts?

Ya know, this will be the first Metroidvania game I won’t buy day of release since I first found Super Metroid so many years ago? And just cause I’m too broke to get a DS.

The translation certainly had a lot to do with it. I also love Ted Woolsey’s work and stuff like Earthbound. So there!

so how is Lost in Blue? So far I haven’t heard alot of good things about it. I was a fan of the original Harvest Moon, which reviewers seem to compare it too.

If I were buying a DS game this week (and I might!), it’d be Trace Memory. Then again, Castlevania is a week away…


Woo hoo, Advance Wars: Dual Strike is out in Europe! Guess Castlevania will take the back seat for a while…

Can anyone recommend an online retailer that has a good catalogue of DS and GBA games?

I wish. Thats the one thing I hate about getting GBA games if you miss it once its out it can be a bitch to find it ( unless its madden 20XX or some shit that they made 8 million copies of ).

Also dont do ebay 80% of the GBA games on there are fakes.

Just bought a DS, and noticed Dawn of Sorrow on the shelf. Box art makes me think of Rei Ayanami vs. Dracula.

Anyone know if Lost in Blue has a “reset data” function to delete all the save games/reset unlockables, etc? How about Trace Memory? They’re both games that I would probably Gamefly rather than buy, but I hate getting a game from them that’s already been totally unlocked and finished.

I’ll pick up Trauma Center this week and Castlevania next week.

Trauma Center was really fun when I played it at E3.

Also of note: If you plan on getting Castlevania, buy it earlier rather than later. Konami has a horrible track record in distributing GBA games and I imagine DS games will be no different (same with Atlus).