New Dungeons and Dragons movie starring Chris Pine

Yeah - D&D is about the high magic medieval world and the specific races and spells, for instance, much more so than the plot that happens in a typical adventure.

I don’t even know if I’d say it definitively has to be high fantasy – Kara-Tur, Al-Qadim, Planescape, Spelljammer, Dark Sun, Akhamet, and Ravenloft all say hello. . . nevermind derivative properties like d20 Modern or Starfinder.

That said, yeah, if you wanna milk the D&D license to the maximum possible extent, you set this shit in Faerun and you probably, I dunno, make Drizz’t the main character.

Like that horrible game with heavy music we saw a thankfully brief glimpse off earlier this year.

Just scanning the thread and thought you were describing Guardians of the Galaxy. Nothing new in the universe, I guess.

D&D has no brand awareness at all except for itself. It’s a blank slate you can pour any type of story onto, that’s its strength. I’m kinda glad no one knows who Vecna or Drizzt or Raistlin is. Though Weis and Hickman just settled their lawsuit with Wizards, so hopefully there is some Dragonlance somewhere on the horizon.

He was describing Guardians of the Galaxy.

Oh, duh. I’m slow on the uptake this week. Now I’ll have to go back and see if it works for Star Wars.

So its on sale again… [quote=“Djscman, post:8, topic:150429”]
what to me would have been the ideal premise for a D&D movie – regular people (for instance, the kinds of people that might be sitting around a table) are abruptly thrust into a fantasy world. Their personalities are intact but their appearance is the heroes they are playing – was pilfered and adroitly produced by the Jumanji reboot. Back to the drawing board.

There was some crappy fantasy series I read in high school based on the premise. I couldn’t remember the name, but neither could this guy:

Dude! I loved Guardians of the Flame when I read it as a kid! No clue if it actually holds up, though.

Wow, I loved those books back in the 80s, but I don’t think I could ever find any of the later books despite looking everywhere. I haven’t thought of them in decades, but I think I’ll pick them up for Kindle.

Next stop. A GURPS movie.

I don’t think they’re available on Kindle, right?

Looks like the first six books are, for about $5 a pop. Not all of them have audiobook versions - which is how I mostly consume fiction nowadays.

It’s interesting how the covers have changed over the years. When I read the first book, it had this cover – I think by either Clyde Caldwell or Larry Elmore.


But then there seems to have been this:

And now it seems to have this painfully generic GoT-like cover art:

Finally, there is this abomination of an omnibus cover:

Here’s a series a bit like Guardians of Flame:

The conceit here is some NPCs take over a quest after the players die. It’s got a bit of pen and paper players in the game world. I enjoyed it.

At the last minute it will become a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. movie.

I have them, and have read them, TWICE, in the last year. Pure nostalgia play and you will not enjoy the gender dynamics one bit. But still, Ahira! Karl! Walter! Andy-andy! Ellegon!!!

They’re better than a lot of schlock in that genre, I guess I’m saying.

And after that they’ll add VATS.

This made me literally laugh out loud.

I’d love a series swords and sorcery movie that uses Dungeons & Dragons lore. I think an adaptation of “Against the Giants” would actually work really well as a movie, and you could do the rest of the supermodule to do a sequel or two - Kuo Toa and Drow/Underdark and then Lolth? That is really the most representative D&D story and it’s a cool one.

Kind of surprised that the Riftwar TV series didn’t pan out, given the current eagerness to shoot fantasy adaptions and discover the next Game of Thrones. I’m not a great fan of the series, but it’s surely one of the “big” fantasy series and (I presume) has a lot of fans.

Of course, the should really just do the Empire series (Daugher of the Empire, etc); it has everything that made GoT interesting, and more - plus a female protagonist and a setting that would allow set/costume designers to go wild.

Problem with making a D&D movie is that there seems to be very little about it’s lore that isn’t considered “generic fantasy” at this point, other than perhaps the Dark Elf bits. Seems to me it would take an incredibly gifted writer/director to do anything halfway decent with the license.