New Dungeons and Dragons movie starring Chris Pine

That’s funny. :)

Maybe because he renounced his membership in the Harper’s Guild he lost his powers? It was never really clear what powers he ever had.

Bing says that’s fine.

The “Paladin” was too far away and isn’t even listening to Chris Pine the ex-Harper “Bard”.

The only people he would be “inspiring” were the people standing next to him doing jack shit.

I was curious about this as well so looked up Edgin Darvis (Chris Pine’s bard) character sheet. He has improved feats for lute smash as well as inspiring words and disorientating words. So technically he was using his powers constantly to get the party to stick together and work towards his common goal.

Ok, that makes sense. Thanks for the info.

Honestly, this was an OK fantasy flick but despite the familiar place names (I used to run Forgotten Realms campaigns long ago) and classes/races it really didn’t “feel” like D&D to me in the same way that, say, Vox Machina does. I guess that’s the difference between a narrative that actually arose through play and a narrative that was written for screen with some D&D bits mixed in.

Yeah, it feels like generic fantasy with a thin veneer of D&D. You could easily remove all the references and the movie wouldn’t change at all.

I thought it did a good job of adding a lot of references to add flavor without making it inaccessible to anyone that wasn’t familiar with D&D. I hope the live action series somehow maintains that, or they end up making a sequel in a similar vein.

I agree! The movie was accessible to a larger audience - my wife enjoyed the movie which says a lot as she is not a gamer or fantasy buff.

My wife also enjoyed it a lot and she has the barest hint of exposure to D&D.

I finally watched this last night. My initial reaction to the trailer was confirmed – they hit just the right tone between serious and camp. I really enjoyed the creative stuff with the portal, and of course they pretty much had me with the D&D cartoon party alone.

Finally saw this last night and I was…disappointed. I guess I let this thread get my expectations up too high. Because while I had a decent enough time, it felt very half-baked to me. It looked great, but the story was mostly a series of scenes sort of tied together. To me, the Forgotten Realms are mostly a bunch of regions tied together by a game. They are, upon close inspection, not very great at making a world. But are great at giving players differing culture/biomes in which to adventure while in the ‘same’ world. You’ve got your elf area, orc area, Englandish area, etc. In film it feels sorta jumbled and messy. Like a soup with too many ingredients.

And making a pretty modern-ish city but with magic always feels off to me. Less a fantasy world and more a fantastic version of the real world. But I get that’s mostly a me thing.

I should have seen the end coming, but I didn’t and thought it was cool. And while I enjoyed all the things mentioned (cartoon dudes, chunky dragon) I don’t think I enjoyed them at much as others here.

Now, if they play a sequel slightly more serious (slightly, not a lot) and focus a bit more on one setting and did a Bard and Paladin buddy adventure I’d very much be there.

Giving it a 13…the bare minimum of any stat to even consider not rerolling.

They can dice in a fire.

I might not agree with you, but your reasoning is sound, and your review score is my new favorite.

The movie might be “fun” for general audiences, but when did I ever give a flying ratfuck about those cinema score people? (It got an A-)

So I give it a 9 / -1 to all rolls. Saving throw failed.

Y’all don’t deserve nice things!

Yeah, sorry if I am bringing too much negative energy. I’m undead and basically want every movie to be Antichrist. What does the fox say? “Chaos reigns”

I’ll check out now.

Intelligent undead less about chaos and more about evil?

Save vs death!

“Dungeons & Dragons” is the literal definition of generic fantasy.

Oh is it? I thought it was mostly a role playing system.