New Dungeons and Dragons movie starring Chris Pine

Are you guys seriously advocating that they film battles like they were turn based?

Oh look the DnD movie thread has been updated and oh my God what the fuck…

Let’s get back to casting Baldur’s Gate the TV Series.

We’ve got Bautista as Minsc and that’s spot on. Who plays Boo? I nominate Andy Serkis.

Older Jaheira – Maggi Q.
Laez’al – Sofia Boutella

Bradley Cooper obviously has the experience to play Boo. He’s done the whole space rodent thing.

It’s called a roleplaying game for a reason after all. It’s not a fantasy combat simulator.

Pfft, Boo must obviously be played by Harvey the Wonder Hamster.

It’s probably not the thread you need to ignore.

This movie was a heck of a lot of fun. I’ve watched it twice and I’ll watch it again. A nice change of pace from the self-seriousness of fantasy TV/movies for the last decade or two, and I think they hit exactly the right note of funny with a bit of pathos.

The Dungeons and Dragons of it all was mostly in the bits of lore, and it could have easily been swapped to any fantasy milieu. But that’s okay. Preferable even.

Too bad it didn’t do better at the cineplex, but it still exists and is quite rewatchable.

Well, no not exactly. Everybody could attack at once, it’s a movie after all, but if they edited the battles in such a way to cut to each one of them in a turn based manner where somehow initiative was established then…

Fuck it. Was just trolling @roguefrog which he picked up on immediately.

I really loved the movie. I watched it 2 times in the theater and once on an airplane. My family and my DnD group also loved it.

Next time I rewatch, I’ll try to pay more attention to the battles. But I agree with others that its about the romp, the setting, the humor, etc.

Just saw this on Netflix and really loved it, despite never having played (although I do know what an Owlbear is). Hope they make another.

It was good. As to another, no idea who has the rights and they’d need to cut costs probably.

They might be able to get Vin Diesel cheap if they gave him a good percentage. He’s an avid D&D fan. Henry Cavill is a big gamer too.

Probably not happening, though.

Sir, please. Why would you even suggest this…

If it does, I’m blaming you!