New Eddings Series

Anyone read the first book yet?

Please refrain from posting about how he sucks, etc. - I’ve heard it all before :) I just want to know about this new one.

— Alan

The concensus on Amazon seems to be that it’s not that great.


Quelle surprise!

[EDIT: But there is some non spoilerish detail about it which is why I mention it. P.S. Eddings Sucks.]

I knew someone couldn’t resist :)

I took a look at the Amazon reviews a day ago and saw that they pretty much thought it was a children’s story. Not a great start. Yeah think I’ll avoid it…

— Alan

Yeah think I’ll avoid it…

In a fit of desperation for something to read on the train out of Grand Central one evening, I bought that “Thief” book (I can’t bring myself to look it up) by the Eddings’. By the end of the 45 minute ride, I threw the book in the trash, and kissed that money goodbye.

That’s when you’re supposed to think stuff like “I always meant to try Tanith Lee”.

I’ve been wondering about this latest book too. I loved the Belgarian when I read it when it first came out…an eon ago. The Mallorean was the same five books, with minor changes. The Sparhawk stuff was silly. The The Polgara and Belgarath books were ok. The Thief book was ok, but felt like Eddings was writing as Eddings, if you know what I mean. So I’m certainly not going to pick up this one until it’s in paperback, if then.

I tried to read this yesterday. I loved the belgarian, even enjoyed the mallorean. For that matter the polgara and belgareth books weren’t bad. This one was, one of the few books I couldn’t bring myself to finish.

Agreed on his Redemption of Althalus book. When an author has to plagiarize himself as he plagiarizes himself, it might be time to quit writing.

Speaking of authors plagiarizing themselves, what about L.E. Modesitt Jr.? I read The Magic Engineer. That wasn’t bad, but then I read a couple of more books in the “series” and they were exactly the same book. With exactly the same plot. And exactly the same hero. The world they inhabited was interesting and had possibilities. But it’s no fun reading the same story again with the names changed slightly.

There was something really special about the Belgariad “saga” to me when I was a teenager, but the Mallorean and the further books were such a huge letdown.

It’s too bad.

As I’ve said before though, one of the worst curses of the arts is the inability to create a work that is as good as your masterpiece. This happens in writing, painting, music, and computer games.

I think he’s got an Eddings style “things tend to play out in the same way over and over again” excuse going there with the whole order/chaos thing.

And I seem to remember that there are at least two or three books that have interesting and unique plots (from other books in the series) although I can’t remember which ones those are. And he may have since copied those.


Eddings uses the same personalities (most notably women) throughout all his books. It’s like the Eternal Champion, different character same person! Except Moorcock does it on purpose.