New Employer Opportunity!

Hi guys, I sort of got laid off today. The economy and blue blah blue blah. you know. Anyway, I need work that I can do from home. Anyone have anything?

Web Development: 6 years
C++: 2 years
Web Programming(Cold Fusion, PHP, JScript): 4 years
Ad Design: 3 years

blah blah

anyway, any web work or review writing anyone has, think of me.


Where in the US are you at?

SHit Jason! That sucks, I hate to hear that. I’ll keep my ears open around these parts.

XPav - Birmingham, Alabama - Representin’ the 205, yo!

It’s just kinda tough, you know. Getting married in 2 months and she doesnt have a job yet, I been providing. Had 2 jobs, one died off and I just lost the second. ohhh boy.

don’t forget to sign up for unemployment… good luck with the job hunt.

For weird filler work, try

Get paid to be a mystery shopper or $50 an hour to taste beer. Or as my sister does, be a rep for a company at a retailer and check stock, fix displays etc. Set your own hours, take as many jobs as you want. No one watches you. The rep jobs pay from min to $30 an hour. Many of the jobs pay unreported in cash, almost all are unsupervised.

Just signup and lie on the app and they will send you emails. Don’t you want to be a mystery shopper for lego?


i’m glad to see chet promotes a more sophisiticated brand of evil than that found in KotOR :P

sorry to hear about your trouble jason. my best advice would be to remind you that you’re never too good for a job. i know lots of people who make $0 monthly because they won’t stoop to work available jobs that they don’t want to take.

on the flip side, if you do take a low-grade job (like my year as a waiter), don’t get too caught up in it - i feel dumb now for having rushed back to town from my christmas vacation so i could wait tables in an empty restaurant on the 26th.

I’m definately not above any job. I’m too old and way too money dependant to not have one. I’ll deliver pizzas again if it comes to it.

check, there are lots of consulting firms that hire people like you and bill them out by the hour. i think you’ll just have to get interviewed and if they like you (your experience sounds like it should be a pretty easy sell) then they send you out on the job.

many of those opportunities in bham, and if you’re lucky they won’t even make you travel.

the only one from dice that really talked to me when i graduated a few months ago was AMS though… i’ll PM you the info i had on them.

Cool, I’ll spam the living shit out of her. thanks

Man, sorry to hear it, Jason. Here’s hoping for a quick bounce-back.

Yes that’s bad luck. Man you really need to get out of the IT industry - it sucks. Might be a good time for a sea-change.

Well, I am in Culinary school, but I kinda enjoy the slow pace of PC work to counteract the high pace of school. But you’re right Sean, I should do that.

Thanks for the kind thoughts, guys.

Yeah, best of luck. It’s tough when you can’t find work.

Harsh man, good luck. Congrats on the upcoming nuptials though. As a filler until you find a new job, bar work has always been s/thing I really enjoy.