New favorite game ever

Viewtiful Joe! Since I haven’t played it, though, it might turn out to be the next Stretch Panic.


“Joe wanders into the world of the movies…”
Let’s see, great animation, loads of style, terrific title… yeah, I agree with Erik.

I rented Rashay and Clank last night on the recommendation of Erik and a few other people I know. After seeing that trailer and knowing that Erik likes it I am not sure whether I should have rented it after all. ;)

– Xaroc

[size=2]Yes Rachet is spelled wrong because saying it like it is French makes it sound cooler. :)[/size]

Of all the Capcom GCN titles, this and Killer7 intrigue me the most - ultra-stylized visuals + solid Capcom gameplay = mucho fun for me.

The idea of “solid capcom gameplay” isn’t as widely accepted as it used to be, but I agree that those two titles are the ones to watch out of the five games they recently announced.

They both look good but I think Dead Phoenix looks superb. If it really is go anywhere flying and shooting it could rock. Mikami’s PN03 looks super too. All five are clearly an attempt by Capcom to do some new things. Even Resident Evil 4, if it’s really as big a reworking as they say it is, could end up being an exciting change of pace.

Can’t wait to play them.


For some reason I find the title “Dead Phoenix” to be very silly, but I’m also really psyched about that game. It’s Legendary Wings in 3D!

Killer7 also looks promising. The main character is supposedly wheelchair-bound, which is almost certainly a first for a game.

I’m still having a hard time believing that the RE4 footage was actually in-game video and that the backgrounds were not prerendered.

That’s what they say…amazing, eh? At 60% complete, it’s already stunning.