New feature for Word 2007: Blogging!

KaoFloppy: That would be a fun way for people to let your applications ‘report your use’ without people claiming “Omg spyware!”.

They could expand on the idea and let the Windows Genie, or whatever they call it, be able to give you messages from your other applications… Imagine whilst in Word the genie appears and informs you that you really should start punching the right keys on Excel since she’s kinda lonely and scared you might be hanging around with that OpenOffice slut – she’s even free…

Actually, Office updates pretty regularly with bugfixes and security fixes, and they’ve added a few features post-release, too. Do you check Office Update very often? But hopefully, the blogging thing is architected so that they can easily write what amounts to plug-ins to support additional blogging engines.

One man’s extraneous option is another man’s useful too, I guess. Some folks around here regularly use features of Excel that don’t exist in Calc, and there’s still nothing that comes even close to the latest Outlook. I, for one, would probably use the blogging feature, provided it makes decent code.

It’s off by default in the latest Office, and gone entirely from 2007.

The beta 2 release doesn’t talk to wordpress specifically, but that’s the idea. It creates and publishes posts to popular blogging engines. I use blogger, which is supported, so we’ll see how it goes. It’s a very recently added feature and very much incomplete, or so the Word team says on their blog.