New Flaming Lips album now streaming

If Muse can get its own thread, then something actually good warrants it.

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Yeah. This is good.

Understatement. This is probably my favorite album of the year so far.

I agree, I might even like this more than Yoshimi. Time will tell. It’s definitely more my style than the lighter FL albums.

This band continues to amaze me, album after album after album.


I’ve been listening to a lot of psychedelic stuff ever since we had the jug music thread, so this is hitting me in sweet spot.

It’ll take more listens before I’m willing to call favorite of any stripe.

I’m digging it a lot. Sound like pre-Soft Bulletin stuff, a bit harder-edged and abrasive, which I mean in a good way. Thumbs up!

Hey, you know what sucks?

The Flaming Lips.

No, but seriously. Some guys from Oklahoma do some passable psychedelic rock for too many years and hipsters, both old and new alike, love them. The two best things they did were Zaireeka and name an album in honor of Yoshimi P-We.

I guess I didn’t get the memo that actual cool people, like you, know that they’re not very good. Glad to know I’m a “hipster” though–I can’t wait to tell my daughter!

Why come into a thread that’s clearly for Lips fans just to shit on them?

To feel manly? To feel superior? Because of a very small dick? I just can’t fathom.

The Flaming Lips absolutely do not suck (this is coming from an electronic/hip-hop fan who is the opposite of a hipster) and tjohn is pretty dumb for saying that, but this album is pretty weird. I’ll give it a couple spins though.

Mostly on account of having a small dick.

This…passed off as music ? Huh.

I saw them last weekend at All Tomorrow’s Parties in New York for the first time. Been waiting years to see them, but they sell out almost immediately whenever they come to town.

It was definitely the highlight of the festival… and there were some amazing things to be seen and heard at this years’ event.

I saw them back when they were supporting Beck as his backup band, and also opening the show. The Lips outdid Beck in every conceivable way. The show was just tremendous. I’ve never seen anything that compares to a Flaming Lips stage show, and I’ve been to my share of concerts.

How were Suicide and the Boredoms?

And here’s the first new video:

So far I’m not liking it nearly as much as At War With the Mystics, but Flaming Lips albums usually grow on me so I’ll give it time.