New Forbes list of top 400 richest americans

You can find the list here.

What interesting is that total wealth of the top 400 jumped by more than 10% this year. Now it’s possible that the average person’s weath increased by 10% or more last year ( I doubt it ). Took a look at and it seems that the last data is from 2000. Of course it is easier to get an average for 400 people than it is for the whole of the US. Does anyone know of any private sources of data similar to what is found in the census?

And I can’t wait for Ben’s reply where he states that accumulation of wealth in the hands of a few on the top is a good thing. He is funny that way. In a bootlicker kind of way.

Nasdaq alone is up a little more than 10% in the last year, it’s not surprising that the richest 400 people in the world (or is it just US) saw a corresponding jump.

Anyone who put money into a Nasdaq index fund saw his/her investment go up by at least 10% in the last year.

James Leprino, who built a $1.3 billion fortune supplying cheese to pizza joints Little Caesars and Papa John’s.

There’s billions of dollars in selling cheese to pizza joints?


After four years in a restaurant, including some serious time making personal pan pizzas, I can say I’m honestly not surprised. The excessive attention to detail some people put into their ingredient choice and pizzas is insane.

There must be something wrong, I didn’t see Jose Liz anywhere on it.

The guy who supplies McDonalds with potatoes is worth $2.5 billion, making him the richest man in all of Idaho.

heh my grandpa is on that list. I knew that fucker was holding out on us.

Mostly a bunch of white guys, even more so after taking out the Walton heirs.

This has been my insubstantial political comment for the day.

Though there is one ray of hope for the rest of us - a much larger portion of that list is self-made than was 20 years ago. Microsoft, Ebay, Google, Yahoo, AOL and tons more were all built from the ground up in our lifetime

Four of the five you mentioned were capitalizations on the same once-in-a-lifetime window of oppurtunity though.

extarbags- I’m not seeing grouping AOL in with EBay, Google, or Yahoo.

Huzurdaddi- You’re such a dipshit. I’m really sorry I called you on one of the innumerable really stupid things you’ve said. OK? Does that make it better?
Where the fuck is this coming from?