New Freedom Force

PC Gamer has the scoop, according to Homelan Fed:

…the sequel will be titled Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich and will find the super team heading back in time to fight enemies in WWII.

Where did I leave that Red Skull skin? I might be needing it for this. It’s due out in the Spring of 2004.

Well, I’m glad Freedom Force is getting a sequel. This isn’t the theme I would have picked, but it could be cool.

Excellent! I had heard their original ideas were to gradually age the team and get closer to the modern era with each successive game while simultaneously making the tone more mature and serious. I thought that would be okay–but I think this will be great. I can just imagine what sort of campy, patriotic quips we’ll be hearing from Minuteman this go round.

Edits: me have bad grammar today.

Nazis. I hate those guys.

Say “Co-op multiplayer” or I’m going to pass on it. The first game would have been perfect if it had done this. As it was, the multiplayer was sad stuff.

I hope they do an Ultimates-type take on it.

“The Captain never jumps with a parachute!”

Co-op multiplayer would have made it perfect, but lack thereof makes it so bad you don’t want to play it? Those are certainly two extremes.

I don’t get all that much mileage out of multiplayer in most games. I like it, but I find it enjoyable as an alternate way to play the game a few times after I’m done with single-player.

Co-op multiplayer would be nice, but I’m getting it either way. Honestly, I think for Freedom Force, co-op multiplayer makes more sense than competitive multiplayer.

I’m with Mark on this. I prefer they spend most of their time honing the single-player game. If it’s got coop-multiplayer, so much the better, but my focus is going to be on playing single player.

WWII? As if that time period hasn’t been a little overused lately. They should try something new like… Freedom Force vs Pirates! Yah, that’s the ticket.

I can’t recall any Superheros vs. WWII takes on the subject, however. I can’t wait.

I can’t wait! FF is one of the few games I’ve actually finished in the last year or so. El Diablo and the Ant better be back, hopefully all the heros will return. I bet they’ll have some great Axis supervillains. “Look out! Its il duce!”

Maybe this dog will make an appeance.

Those Germans are tough on crime!

Great News. I wonder if Nick Fury(io) will make an appearance?

Sounds like Godlike

I was so damned happy to read this. FF is one of those games that deserved a lot more attention than it got. I hope this sequel helps in that regard.

New preview online, sirs!

Co-op wouldn’t be that hard really. Leave the campaign intact, but different players have control of a hero. That’s pretty much all I’m asking… 2 or 4 mice playing the game instead of my one. As far as “vs” mode goes, I could take it or leave it. I want the ability to sit here with my girlfriend and play it together. It’s kinda bummin’ when I’ve got a great game and we have to either watch each other, or play seperately at the same time.

Yeah, but you’d have to wait three months between chapters.

Yeah, but you’d have to wait three months between chapters.[/quote]

Three? I thought it was more like six.

Yeah, but you’d have to wait three months between chapters.[/quote]

Who cares? It was worth it. I have three of those Jim Lee Batman issues, so that give you an idea of how often I make it to the local comic shop anyway.