New Gaiman stuff

I read a story on CNN today saying Neil Gaiman is putting out a new Sandman graphic novel, and a new kids’ book, soon. Woot! Any fans here?

I liked Sandman a lot, at least in the main story arc (as opposed to some of the really fruity short stories, like that awful Midsummer Night’s Dream one). Hell, I wish they would just take the old series and find an artist with less of an 80’s garish spin on things (activating “SANDMAN WASN’T PERFECT? SACRILEGE!” alert now). What is “classic” in other works like Watchmen is somewhat tragically dated in Sandman. IMNSHO.
Other than that, Gaiman’s Mr Punch was among the best standalone graphic novels I’ve seen, not only for the writing but because it was refreshing to read him accompanied by an artist more in keeping with my tastes.
So I’m eager to see what he churns out next (hey, whatever keeps him and Terry Pratchett from tarnishing both their individual talents by working together again).

Strange – I loved the Midsummer Night’s dream story.

And I think Good Omens is better than anything either has done on his own. All the Pratchett books started running together after the 8-9 I read, and I haven’t enjoyed any of Gaiman’s fiction nearly as much as Good Omens. That book is just great fun.

Good Omens was fine, but Gaiman did much better stuff on his own (Neverwhere and Stardust are way, way better IMO). Pratchett also did some better stuff on his own, although I thought GO was a lot more like Pratchett’s other stuff than it was like Gaiman’s other stuff, if that makes sense.

Loved Good Omens, Neverwhere (thought not a fantasic novel) and American Gods. American Gods actually made me depressed - it’s been a long time since any book has emothionally affected me.

I bought Sandman with issue one and have been a fan ever since, Gaiman’s love of old tales, myths and legends make for a wonderful mix. I don’t think he has surpassed his comic book writing with his novels though, a lot of his pacing works better in a monthly comic than in book form.

A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream is a fantastic story and it won a World Fantasy Award, prompting the organizers to bar comic books from being eligible to win starting the following year. As for the art work, I think they did a great job of matching artists to the different storylines, it helped keep the book fresh and highlighted the image of Morpheus as looking different to different people, much like a dream image would.

Yeah, I figured both of those would get controversial quickly. I forget which, but one of the Sandman books (not the Japanese one that came later) had a very stylized look that stood out from the rest of the series. I liked that one a lot…but I read them all at once so they are kind of a blur.
As a general comment, I guess I just really disliked the coloring. It felt less oneiric than Miami Vice-like. Mr. Punch, on the other hand, was a really creative blend of photography and painting, like the title pages for the sandman series (which I think were by the same guy). That’s really more the direction I’d like to see them explore.

As for Midsummer’s…I know a lot of people are fans. But if you’re going to have elves mincing about, you need a good reason, and I didn’t think he added enough to the Shakespeare story for it to feel anything but campy…sort of like a very inferior Life of Brian for Shakespeare.

And Good Omens…well, it just felt like a whole lot of Pratchett from his other books, blended together. It didn’t have the uniting touch that separates TP’s best works from the herd (Interesting Times, Mort, Lords and Ladies, etc), and it didn’t feel like Gaiman at all. I was just let down, that’s all.

The Kindly Ones? The next-to-last TPB?

I like the Gaiman stuff I’ve read (Sandman, Stardust, Neverwhere, Good Omens), and pretty much all Pratchett’s stuff (read most Discworld books, Strata (not that good), GO and the Nome books). They’re philosophy for those of us who can’t be bothered to buy philosophy books :)

I’ll take A Game of You, thanks. I liked Good Omens, and it’s obvious that Kevin Smith read it before making Dogma.

What I don’t like is this new Sandman book is hardcover and will retail around 25-30 bucks, no doubt. Call me a philistine, but I drop enough cash monthly on comic books already to essentially pay double or triple the amount of a softcover graphic novel for a hardcover. I stare at those hardcover Promethea compilations and The Human Target GN and ask the guy, “So, when are the softcovers coming out?” Spiderman:Blue? Bill Dungsroman: Pass. Worse yet, my OCD takes a savage blow if I buy some big Sandman book and place it with my smaller sofcover compilations and IT SCREWS UP THE FLOW OF THE BOOKCASE. Um, sorry.

Yeah, that could be it. I really liked the look of it.