New game help me try it out: Guess the Googymage!

Ok the title needs work but this could be fun. I got this idea while checking out Rob Beschizza puppies post. The idea is this: You pick a word and put it through Google Image. Choose 6 or so of the resulting images that are on the first page only (otherwise the word is probably too hard or could be multiple answers). Then the first person who guesses the common theme wins and it’s his/her turn! Obviously I had to save the images and host them to hide the true names and location. you can check the answer by searching for the guess in google image of course. Let’s see if anyone can guess what topic I searched.

(patent pending)

Round 1!

Started easy. Might have to tweak it with less images or just harder words. Ah well this is beta.


Also, Guess-the-Google.

  • Alan

I tried “plastic” and got nothing.


Er, it only matches the plural form ‘plastics’.

  • Alan

Er, it only matches the plural form ‘plastics’.

  • Alan[/quote]

Yes, I know. But that is unfair. I call for a do-over.


More please.

Ok new one…

Got it in one try!


allright ramping things up a bit…

Round 3!

The game theory box at the bottom gave it away.



“Dilemma” is a really good one, though… could have been very tough.

Allright now you get four images.

Round 4!

Is there a good way to zoom in? I’m using Windows XP and Firefox. I can’t tell what the second picture is.

I can’t give a bigger picture then what Google provides. You can only use the images on the results screen, size and all. You can, however, save the image to your desktop and use paint to zoom in or IfranView or Windows Picture Viewer or whatever. Use those CSI image enhancing tools. lol

Thanks. I’ll just go ahead and play this game IRON-MAN.

Shouldn’t the guy that gets it be providing the next round?

sure if they want to.


I’ll defer to whoever else wants to post the next set.

  • Alan

I’d do it (even thought of a good image search), but I’m too lazy to host all of the pictures.

Holy cow, Alan. Nice!