New game help me try it out: Guess the Googymage!

Damn good work! I thought it would at least last the day :) I’ll post one by tomorrow if no one else wants to.

Dave you get the first say since you also got one.

No one took the challenge of making their own so I’ll throw down another one. Not half as hard as mircomanage…

Round 5!

Too easy. It’s master. I’d do teh next one, but is there any easy way to grab, store and display the thumbnail images. I’ve not got any webspace to use for it.

You can try any free img hosting sites like photobucket. I don’t know if they support direct links but at worst they can just be clicked on to look at.

Jazar, I don’t have an easy way to host the images either. You’re doing a great job, and I nominate you as Perpetual Grandmaster Googlymage.

I’m going to pick up Alan’s deferment (since I’ve been totally incapable of guessing them) and try one of these.

Round 6:

I have no idea whether this will be challenging or not.

Great game idea, Jazar!

lol ya that’s an easy one. :) Remember, micromanage was solved in less then a day lol.


Props to Rywill for joining in and for including two of the sexiest pictures used in this game to date. And no, I’m not talking about the trees.

Careful with the sexy words you’ll have to tell us if SafeSearch is on or not heh.

Hey thanks Jazar! The Photobucket site works for this!


But you gotta remember to rename those pictures when you place them on photobucket, Tim :twisted:

D’oh! :oops:

Dutiful is a good puzzle word. More please. I want a chance to view the puzzles before someone else has answered, too! So make 'em tough, like MICROMANAGE tough. HARDCORE!

Uh, is that with safe search on or off?

[HINT: it’s a joke]

  • Alan

4 images, 1 word term.


Uh, is that with safe search on or off?[/quote]

I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean. My HARDCORE reference is really from this thread about Fire Emblem, and in this context, it simply means that difficult words are probably best here in this thread.

Care to try Eric?