New game magazine for massively multiplayer games

In my quest for a good gaming website I found the webpage for Massive Online Gaming, This looks like it’s going to be a new magazine, all about MAMOGs. It is also going to cost $35 a year, and like a hundred if you live in Canada. That’s $35 more than my subsciption to Computer Games [Magazine] costs. Isn’t that a lot to charge for a gaming magazine? It seems like a lot to me. But then I make ten million dollars a year as a Bahraini jet fighter test pilot. The people behind it are Incan Monkey God Studios, which is a cool name I admit. I’ve seen that name on strategy guides and stuff. It says they used to work at Origin. I guess that means they know what they’re doing. Thirty five bucks though? How they are going to compete with the fansites who have people working 36 hours a day every day for free, I dunno.

I heard good things about it. It isn’t really new, it just came up for a while, disappeared, and now it is back again.

Is it worth? I am not sure. But one thing is for sure…my article should be there in the next issue :)

What does this site have to do with bust-a-move?

The first issue was great for the MMOG player. They lost their first publisher so died on issue number two. They had a ton of marketing problems with issue number one as it was listed as a “Strategy Guide” instead of a gaming magazine.

Issue two was supposed to be out a couple of weeks ago, but did nt make it after a announcing it was (third time) on it’s way. The guy running it is great and has the passion, just hurting to get it out.


“They had a ton of marketing problems with issue number one as it was listed as a “Strategy Guide” instead of a gaming magazine.”

Not the least of which is that it cost $14.95 and had no ads.

I don’t see much point for pure MMORPGs. You’re going to be so far behind everyone else, unless you can get advance warning of all the big changes and plots straight from the horse’s mouth.

hence the weekly magazines… we have had online only magazines for 2+ years here… originally they hired editors that play so much that they were best of the bunch, and so they know stuff that people have never seen (EQ… when the people writing the column is ahead of the reader then theres always something new) but then mmo is such a huge waste of time, this mode of operation is just not worth it. so it quickly degenerates into pulling stuff off the web (freelance or contribut writers mean extra cash) and the editor bs his way through. oh well, like i said many times before, as long as there are people buying the zine its all good.