New game site opening up

Tyjenks and I are opening a new game site for reviews and the such, and I’m looking for people who might be interested.

Being a startup, this may not go anywhere, but then again it could take off. I’ve talked to a few people that would like to write for us, and I was just curious if there was anyone else that would want a chance or would like to write some just for fun.

Anyway, I don’t know if I’ll get any questions but feel free to email or just reply in here


I’ve noticed that for some strange reason my available free time has diminished sharply after going from being unemployed to working on the AC2 Live Team at Turbine, but I might be able to contribute something from time to time.

Will it be for gamers, by gamers? Will it tell it like it really is?

Because those types of sites always seem to fail. Can I suggest it be for gamers, but run by money grabbing power mad fiends who look down on other gamers as complete idiots.


I’d very much be interested in being involved. I probably don’t have as much experience as some of the others here, but I wrote freelance for GameSpy for about a year and a half.

I’d be interested in helping out, Jason. :)

As I understand it, we will only be reviewing The Sims titles and their expansions. Needless to say, we will require a ton of help.

Jason asked himself, “Can there be too many game review sites out there?” The answer is no. Until every human with a PC has his own site, Jason’s mission in life will not be complete.

BTW I have little to no reviewing experience with a heavy lean towards the “no” end of that spectrum. So, I look forward to all kinds of nasty emails and disparaging remarks about my reviewing skills which will then lead to attacks on my character and finally ALL CAPS remarks about someone screwing my mother, sister, or wife and how much they liked it.

You don’t get the all caps messages until you mention in passing that Total Annihilation is better than StarCraft

You didn’t get my memo?

Seriously though, I’m writing the PHP for the site right now, which makes me cry because I’m lazy. It should be working, if not almost working, by this evening sometime.

Or if you mention that Diablo II is a click-fest.

Nobody ever has the balls to say anything bad about a blizzard game, I swear. Great art, sometimes great story, easy accessability, but very little depth of gameplay, in most cases…

I’d love to help, but I don’t think I have any of the necessary skills. I will, however, gladly bash Blizzard games at length, so if you need that give me a call.

Also, I play guitar and drums, so if the site needs a band or something…

Aww… I thought Starcraft was pretty deep. Not confusingly so. But deep like chess is deep.

And in the end, does it matter? If it’s coughfuncough, it’s all good.

(don’t kill me, Mr. Chick)

I hereby offer some of my mad skillz for the site. I can do the following reviews:

  1. Review of baby wipes brands: “Which baby wipe leaves your tot’s ass clean and fresh? We benchmark 7 brands inside?”

  2. Review of diaper brands: “Which diaper keeps the shizzit inside the diaper and not on your brat’s Baby Gap threads? We put 7 brands to the ultimate torture test!”

  3. Review of baby food: “Which baby food brands taste like crap, smell like crap, and look like crap? Answer: all of them. We pan 7 brands inside!”

  4. Review of area babies: “Who’s baby is the cutest, fattest, nicest, most temprametal? Who’s brat cries the most? We review seven area babies inside!”

  5. Review of breastfeeding instructional videos: “Which breastfeeding instructional video shows the most flesh? Which video will give you the maximum nipplage for the lowest price? We review 7 bfiv’s inside! Plus! All time lowest score for a bfiv! We’ll tell you which one!”

Let me know when you want me to start.

Oh wait…a gaming site!?

I thought you were starting a baby site.


Gaming is boring. Now child-rearing…quite astoundingly fun!

A few other things that I should have mentioned earlier:

  1. We don’t have a number or letter system, we simply put it as good or bad, and not even the specific. I’m trying to decide how to rate games so that people will know at a glance, suggestions are welcome.

  2. We are working on getting promo copies of games from places, at that time we would send them out, as of now it’s a “if you have it or get an early copy” kinda thing, if we turn a prophet and I don’t embezzle then there will be payment made at that point, promised

  3. I don’t really have anything for 3.

Wow. Bitter much Spoof?

Seriously though, Jason: I do a lot of review links and snippet gathering for GameTab and am amazed not only at the large number of sites, but also at the paucity of good, or even decent writing. Much like some of our games, many sites look pretty, but evidence awful writing - ranging from composition to grammar. So, assuming you’re in the “not awful” category, there’s always room in this reader’s time for a new and well done site. All the best! Old Rooster

Are you looking for the kind who can turn water into wine, or the mountain-moving type Prophet? :)
Seriously though, good luck on your venture guys.

Excuse me Secretary of Defense McMaster, I will field this one.

As I understand from our exhaustive luncheon meetings, we are going for substance rather than flashy bells and whistles and horns and buttons that make flatulence sounds and those paper things you blow and, they unroll, but make no noise that you find at cheap b’day parties.

How’s that for good ritin’ Mr. Rooster? There is plenty more where what came from. I also plan on doing a fireside chat every day around 2:00pm CST where I discuss my Mom’s herniated disc and my leaky roof troubles. It’s gonna be called “Just Jenks!”