New games next week (6/22)

End of Q2 and there’s two “major” releases vying for your time. You’ve got an Xbox and a PC.

You’re at the local gaming store on the 22nd and both are calling to you. CHOOSE!

Destroy All Humans!


Crap, I knew I was forgetting something.

Bard’s Tale! Bard’s Tale!

Gotta love a game that advertises cleavage.

Bard’s tale was already out for other platforms.

Oh, I guess that fact that’s finally out for the PC makes it old already?

I don’t have any other platforms. It’s new for me.

Conker really a major release? Uh, I guess so.

restrains instinctual Rare-bashing

Battlefield 2 and Conker? What a crappy choice.

Here are the actual contenders:
Bomberman DS
Mega Man Battle Network 5
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 10

And the following week sees:
Atelier Iris
Graffiti Kingdom

And this is supposed to be the summer lull!

Bard’s Tale and GTA San Andreas.

Yeah, I will rush right out and buy all of those. I may buy BF2 but definitely not Conker because again … I don’t care.

– Xaroc

Destroy All Humans pre-ordered. BF2 if Fry’s puts it on sale for $30.

RoTK 10 for me.

But Battlefield 2 looks pretty good. If I hadn’t already completely lost faith in my fellow human beings online I’d be tempted to try that out.

Unsurprisingly, I agree wholeheartedly with Bob’s enthusiasm list. I can’t wait for the new MM Battle Network. Unsure about ROTK - going to wait and see if the new improvements make it better or worse, since they’ve had some problems in the past couple of titles.

BF2 all the way for me. I expect it to keep me busy until Civ IV comes out. :)

I dont see how there could be any other choice but BF2. Then agin im a fanboy so go figure.

My PC sucks and my roommate never lets me use his anymore (all WoW, all the time). So I have no use for BF2, as great as it looks.

I’m tempted to agree with quatoria about RotTK10 - that looks great on paper, and I’m already a fanboy of the series, so I’ll probably splurge on it. But you never really know if this series will truly improve upon the previous games. GameFAQs dudes from Japan have had kind of mixed feelings about it, just like I did about 8 and 9 (both of which I like a lot, but am unsure are any kind of improvement over 7).

Destroy All Humans! is the only release I care about. Brian, what would make me want to get the new ROTK? As the other member of this board who cares about such things, I haven’t gotten a new one since 7, which I like. I’m not sure why to upgrade.

Return of the King 10?

Romance of The Three Kingdoms X.

Well, I really don’t know why anyone should go out and pick it up. I tend to do it out of habit. I like the depth of the RoTK series and the roleplaying-style strategy with hundreds of characters, politics, espionage, loads of little easteregg cutscenes and surprises. Personally I didn’t like the RTS-like feel of IX all that much and X still adopts that technique but with some variations.

However I liked RoTK VIII better than VII. I could be fuzzy on this but there seemed to be more detail to characters when playing them as RPG careerists (not yet leaders commanding forces) and less somewhat goofy stuff like writing pen-pal letters and getting into poetry contests. I did miss the ability to grant titles to your generals though. Lots of very cool titles you could hand out or be granted by The Emperor in VII. The Emperor seemed to play less of a role in VIII which I rather missed.

Ideally, and this may not be the case, X will fold in the career-style RPG gameplay into the strategic RTS framework along with more traditional battles (mini-tactical maps with turn based tactical fighting). And there seems to be more depth to non-combatant characters with the debate oriented conflicts, which did actually decide issues in the RoTK story.

Will it be a marvellous improvement? Don’t know. Willing to find out though.

Gamespy already has a review of the game up, but they managed to not list a single change between this game and the previous versions. It takes hard work to create a two-page review without one single piece of relevant information. Truly an impressive achievement.