New GBA Games

I’ve been playing Fire Emblem for the last few weeks and I think it’s the best game I’ve played on GBA that isn’t called Advance Wars. Awesome integration of the strategy gameplay of AW with some RPG elements.

I’ve played Mario & Luigi a bit and I’ve really enjoyed it as well. I loved Paper Mario and was concerned that a new developer would screw things up, but so far it looks even better than the N64 game.


Don’t forget Sword of Mana, a remake of the old Final Fantasy Adventure (don’t worry, it doesn’t have anything to do with Final Fantasy, other than its made by Square, it was just called that in the US for marketing reasons) came out in your lands today! (Well, okay, if you don’t live in territories deemed by Nintendo to be vaguely European…)

The game is BY FAR the best action RPG you can buy for the GBA, so if you’re looking for one of those, don’t miss out! Its totally awesome and my favorite game of the year, tons of eye candy too, if you like that type of thing.


Anyone have any impressions of the Star Wars: Flight of the Falcon game? I stumbled across it at Toys R Us, but hadn’t heard anything about it before then. It kind of looked like a GBA Rogue Squadron wanna be, but judging from my experience with Wing Commander, that type of game might be too large a strech for a GBA to handle.

(On a related, but non-GBA, note, the TRU PS2 demo unit had some sort of space sim running on it. I tried playing it for a couple of minutes, and it felt like it had promise, but I couldn’t figure out what game it was. Anyone know of a recent space simmer for the PS2 with Freelancer-inspired graphics?)

Isn’t the lead guy on Mario & Luigi one of the main folks that did Super Mario RPG? I’ll have to look that up again…I’m pretty sure I saw that on GAF at one time.