New Geforce

Does anyone know when it’s due? I’m expecting a large tax return this year and I prefer nvidia cards over ATI. I want to get the new geforece, but otherwise I’ll be getting the new radeon I suppose.

Any suggestions otherwise for either?

Dunno, it’s supposed to be “announced” at E3. Best advice is to sit tight until fall. If you have a really REALLY crappy video card right now, I recommend a cheap 64mb Ti 4200 (~$110 if you shop aggressively) to tide you over.

If you’re gonna wait, wait for the 256MB version. Just cause buying video cards is part performance-based, and part dick-measuring-based as well.

Joking aside, you’re gonna want that 256MB of video RAM once Doom3 and maybe even when HL2 hit.

I mean, is the 9800 good?

No, not really. The 9800 is not significantly faster than the 9700 (unless you overclock it a lot, I guess)-- but it’s a new SKU, so the prices go back up to $399. Wheeee!

Didn’t Nvidia just release some high-falutin’ new card (not under the GeForce brand) that, IIRC, takes up two motherboard slots or something? Or was that not considered a consumer model?


The two-slots Jackson… er, card was the GeForce FX something-or-other, the biggest FX model that they won’t offer past the initial production run because its performance/price ratio is just too poor.

What I’m really looking forward to is the MX model of the FX chipset because there’s always a chance with MX cards that they won’t have active cooling…

I may just get a gf4 ti if they make them with 128 mb

GeForce4 Ti’s are all pretty much 128MB standard. The only exception have been some of the cheap 4200 models, but from Day One, the vast majority of them have been 128MB.

I bought the Ti4400 the day it first came out with 128MB stock.

how does it work for you? any complaints?

My Ti4400 is a great board. Sure, it’s not the fastest board anymore, but considering that I bought it 13 months ago, it’s still potent and powerful, and there haven’t been any games to hit the market that it can’t handle yet. Absolutely no complaints… it has handled every game I’ve thrown at it with no problems (save for SimCity4, which hated anti-aliasing). Plus, the DX8.1-enhanced games are just starting to arrive, and the DX9-enhanced games are all on the drawing board, so no hurry to upgrade yet.

I’m tempted to go up to the GeForceFX2 or whatever-the-hell-it-will-be-called when it comes out. Sounds like Nvidia is seriously going to fix the problems with the GeForceFX. Plus, I want the 256 MB of RAM version.

I figure that it will hit about the same time as Doom3 and HL2. I plan on doing a general overhaul of my system at the time. I’ll probably upgrade my AthlonXP 2100+ with a Barton CPU (the prices on the 3000+ will probably drop to a reasonable level by then). Mate that with a new 256MB GeForceFX2 and I’ll be in happy-frame-rate-city with Doom3 (hopefully).

my vidcard is 64 meg right now and I’m having some problems. I cant run certain games very well and it pisses me off.

The Hell are you running? A GeForce4 MX? A GeForce2 Ultra? The GeForce4 MX is nothing more than a spruced up GeForce2 Ultra. 64MB of Vid RAM just isn’t going to cut it anymore, plus those boards lack vertex and pixel shaders, which give a major boost.

When I upgraded to a GeForce4 Ti 4400 from my GeForce2 Ultra, I easily doubled my benchmark scores just by upgrading the video card. Graphics quality increased as well, as the games could take advantage of the aforementioned features of the GeForce4 Ti.

its like a geforce2 mx and it makes me want to cry, very often. I mean, I’m not running a top of the line system, but I’m at 1.7ghz and most games should do ok at that.

Your vid card is the bottleneck on your system. Totally holding it back. Just upgrade to a Ti4200 and you will be shocked by the speed increase. Plus, you can finally turn up all the graphical settings in your games.

I upgraded from a GeForce2 Ultra to a GeForce4Ti running a P3 850, and it doubled my benchmarks. It will more than double yours.

my vidcard is 64 meg right now and I’m having some problems.

The 64mb isn’t your problem, it’s the GeForce2 mx chip. 64mb should be fine for modern games on highest detail, even brand new ones, assuming they support texture compression (and they should). 128mb is really only necessary for AA modes and ultra-high resolutions, which you won’t be using on a Ti 4200 anyway.

I want 128 so I can take the big [email protected]! sticker off the box and put it on my special vest.

Until last summer, I had an Athlon 850MHz and an NVidia Vanta LT (the chipset is most similar to the TNT2). The card had – get this – 8MB of video memory. It barely ran Half-Life. I used 3DMark 2001 SE and I got a score of just under 1000. Then I tried to play the BF1942 MP demo, and it worked (surprise!) but there wasn’t a skybox, the vehicles and players were blue, and nothing but the wheels showed on the vehicles. And I got about 2fps.

Then I decided to get my Radeon 8500LE 128MB. Installed it, played the demo on full settings at 1024x768x32 with no lag, and got a score of 6000 on 3DMark 2001. My card upgrade got me a 500% performance increase.

Anyway, yeah I agree with what you said, a GF2 just doesnt cut it these days. My system ran the Doom3 alpha at about 10fps, and thats with no secondary settings on at a res of 320x240. And don’t get me started on when I fire my gun… :roll:

Yeah, your video card is holding you back.

Also, one thing to keep in mind for people don’t have a brand new system – people will often tell you that upgrading your video card without upgrading the system isn’t a great idea because you will be CPU-limited. While that’s true, CPU-limited does NOT mean that you won’t see a very significant increase in framerates/graphic quality with a higher end video card, just that you are not receiving the full benefit of the card’s higher processing power. And, you’re gonna be limited one way or the other at some point.

AFAIK, the NV35 launch at E3 is not supposed to be just a paper-launch; rumor is that developer samples are making the rounds. However, the old NV30 products are supposed to be purposefully phased out, so I don’t think you’re going to see great prices on anything but Geforce4s, with the original FXs being too rare to systematically lower the prices on.