NEW Ghostbusters Film

Looks like the video-game tail is wagging the movie dog:

A new Ghostbusters film starring the key original cast members is in the works, with the first order of business a script by The Office co-executive producers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, who’ve signed on to write, according to the Hollywood trades. The pair recently wrote Year One, directed by original Ghostbusters co-writer Harold Ramis.

The Office guys are the perfect writers for this. The best part of the films were always about these shlubs being in way over their heads, not all the whiz bang spooky stuff.

I will be floored if they get Murray for this.

If they really can get the original cast, I’ll be amazed. Dan Aykroyd is basically on record as saying he’s retired from acting, so I don’t know that he’ll be interested in doing it.

That being said, having them be nearly retired could make for some great stuff, or maybe just an Indiana Jones 4 debacle.

Dan Aykroyd is the one that’s been pushing for it. Bill Murray has voiced reluctance to join in.

Yeah, Ghostbusters is Aykroyd’s creation, so I think he’s very, very interested. It’s Murray who will be the tough sell. He was on board for voicing Venkman in the video game, but a full film production may be a different story.

Eh, with the bad press Murray’s gotten lately, reminding folks why they once loved him might be a good idea. I can see him potentially saying yes.

Agreed, Murray (or more likely his agent) is likely to see this as a path to redemption following his mostly sour press in recent years. Plus, total money hat.

Murray has no agent. If you want to cast him you literally have to call his house and he will decide from your message whether or not to return your call.

What bad publicity has Bill Murray gotten recently?

/out of the loop

I think he shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.

Murray is a wife beater.

Murray is a cardigan.

It’s called an athletic shirt, Dirt.

Maybe Aykroyd’s retirement funds are getting slim.

If they can have this be a fitting end to the series created by people who get what made the first one great it could be something worth seeing.

Unlikely, but occasionally they do one right.

Unfortunately, the people who made the first one great are also in large part the ones who made the second unwatchable.

I know. You’re right.

But “The Office” guys!


I want to believe.

Aykroyd was pushing it since they wrapped filming of the second movie.

Unwatchable!? I thought it was a polished version of the first. Sure, the first one is better IMO but unwatchable, come on. I loved how they started it as a bunch of people who were screwed on the bill from the first movie.

As for the remake, I would love for it to be able to recapture the magic from the first but Indy 4 has left me cold and wary.