New Green Day

“American Idiot”. Pretty Darned good. The two current singles are not the best tracks on the album.

It Contains 2 epic 10 minutes tracks that are basically punk versions of The Who’s “A Quick One While He’s Away” (not that that wasn’t punk for it’s day, but then…). Echos “Quadrophenia” in places as well.

I might just have to go pick this one up.

I heard American Idiot on the radio once, about two months ago, at 5am. Haven’t heard it since. Strange way to promote a new record. Although I seem to recall I liked it much more than most of Green Day’s stuff.

Listening to this now at work. Can’t pay too much attention to the words but the music is pretty good. They’ve matured somewhat musically while retaining the same sound they had in Dookie.

Yeah this pretty much sums up my review. If you’re a fan, you’ll see that they’re continuing to mature with their instruments and their lyrics. There’s a place for bands who keep their eyes on the prize and don’t change (waves at AC/DC), but it’s nice to see change as well. :)