New GTA4 Trailer

Didn’t see a thread, thought I’d start one.

Looks good, still worried about the framerate. Was that Seth Green I heard?

Shitzu :) Best part of the trailer…

Too much cut scene in the trailer, not enough gameplay. Regardless I’m fanboi’ing out over it and can’t wait! Woo!

The character animation is horrible (with the exception of good lipsync that is probably being done automatically by some middleware). Not that it matters that much in-game assuming this plays pretty much like the GTA3s, but it really hurts the trailer.

maybe it was the audio they selected to put with the trailer, but I wasn’t overly drawn to this.


Yes, there appears to be a gangsta vibe to it AGAIN, whereas I was hoping for … well, anything different, really.

Underwhelming unless you’re really into GTA storylines. Which isn’t to say it’ll be a bad game, just that it’s difficult to tell with every bit of gameplay either zoomed way in or about a half second long

I noticed that there’s not release date on the trailer. Hrm.

The problem with the GTA trailers is that they focus too much on the story/mission part of the game. There’s a lot more to the game than that, but I guess they feel the need to market it that way. When i see the trailer, I see much more than the story.

Awesome. Glad that it seems Rockstar hasn’t messed with the formula too much.

exactly. The last GTA I picked up was Vice City. As much as I thought San Andreas’ audio seemed cool, it really looked like the same as 3 and Vice City, but music from a different generation.

Well unless Rockstar plan on putting out only one game a decade, they need to do something different and fresh, not necessarily go even deeper in to the the gangster, hiphop, crowd. Does that kinda stuff often appeal to the gamer in their mid 20’s or older? I’d think not. Maybe that’s ok with them.

And another GTA game fails to interest me.

I think you would have a point if hip-hop was completely divorced from (edit: mainstream) American culture and if GTA San Andreas hadn’t been a huge hit.

Curious, Hugin, what would that take, exactly? For a GTA to interest you?

Not to pimp, but since it looks like GameTrailers is getting hammered right now, I’ll note that the trailer is also avaialble for download in full 720p HD at

I’m off today and just grabbed it from home at 300Kb/s, which is as fast as my connection goes.

San Andreas had wildly different gameplay from Vice City. RPG-lite stats for your characters, a massive gameworld with no loading except when you went into buildings, turf wars, in-game character customization, etc. Plus a plot line that starts at Menace II Society / Boyz In Da Hood and ends up with your character wearing a tuxedo and a jetpack, robbing Vegas casinos.

It’s interesting to me when people complain about GTA games being too “gangster”. These are crime games. Crimes (of the sort depicted/satirized in Grand Theft Auto) tend to be committed by, well, gangsters.

If GTA wasn’t a gangster game, what would it be? A game about embezzling? Insider trading? If you quibble about GTA’s subject matter and characters, you should probably just play Mercenaries.

Why does next gen graphics = shiny people?

Anyways, I really liked the music and the story seems interesting, but the framerate and animation looked pretty choppy to me for some reason. Did anyone else notice that?

Another game about stealing cars in New York and all the rapping and beats that go along with that. YAWN. Wake me up when they put out a game without so many blacks in it for once.

The missions in GTA III were the best, but then R* made them too cinematic/scripted for their own good. The GTA III mission were so great because it put you in this world and you were given an objective to solve. You could figure out different plans of attack with whatever weapons or objects that were in the world at your disposal. Contrast that with the grand finale missions of Vice City and, ugh, San Andreas and there’s a big difference.