New guy!

Just stumbled onto this page here to meet people and make friends. Always good to have friends! Feel free to add or message me

It’s a sad state of affairs that I’m immediately suspicious. No offense.

Better tbh than fake 😂

Just curious, what brought you here?

Wait, we have emojis now?

Not you, just the rest of us 🤪

Was looking through fb and seen someone talking about it and thought I’d give it a shot

Cool. Welcome FNG. Behave.

Do you like movies about gladiators?

Love them!


Welcome new guy! As the latest new person, you need to go through the same ritual as the rest of us when we joined, which is a pretty simple question:

If you were a panini, what ingredients would you have?

Pepper jack cheese stacked with pepperoni, some jalapenos, mustard, mayo, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes

Approved. You May Enter.

Whoa whoa whoa, he had mayo which is basically the devils sauce.


Err I mean, hello new person, mayo is disgusting.

The fuck you say about mayo?!


Before this feud escalates to violence, I’d just like to say that there are good people on both sides.

Mayo is required on most sandwiches, heathens. None of that miracle whip crap either.