New Hampshire

So I accepted a job in New Hampshire. My whole experience with the northeast is being in cape cod for three days and driving a rental car around Boston for 4 hours. Yes we wrecked.

Anyway any of you from the area and have any advice or cool stuff I should see or places that are good to live in. The job is in Merrimack so I think I’ll probably live in Nashua or thereabouts.

Damn yankees… grumble

You got a problem with Ted Nugent?

Why do he want to kill cute furries? It’s so mean!

Nashua is nothing like The Cape; or Boston for that matter :)

I hear cow tipping is a big pastime up there.

What type of area do you like living in? You could pick either Manchester or Nashua as larger cities while working in Merrimack. Merrimack itself is a nice town as well.

I work in Nashua, and drive through Manchester and Merrimack on the way in. Finding a place in Merrimack would probably be cheaper than Nashua, but the further south you live (in other words, the closer to Boston), the more you pay.

Manchester has some nice areas, though I typically don’t see them during my commute.

So is there any good mexican food there? I suspect this is what I’ll miss most. Also Las Vegas.

I live in Nashua- good Mexcian- why yes- two good mex places on D.W. Highway.
Actually there is really good Brazilian food too in downtown.

Cool Stuff-
white mountains-esp Fraconia Notch.
Atlantic ocean
the MFA in Boston
The Red Sox, and Patriots
The usual ‘americana’ stuff if you are into that- the Tea Party re enactment is my favorite
George’s Island- old Fort in Bos Harbor- good for a picnic, and bring a flashlight- would be a cool place to LARP if you were into that.I’m not but closest to a dungeon I’ve ever seen.
That said - what they now call Bunny Island- camp overnight and you will see so many rabbits on this Island- it is like the rodent version of the Birds.
Bar Harbor-and the Puffins-all of the Maine coast is great for walking- all rocky and cliffs and stuff, but Bar Harbor is amazing.
Canada is just a few hours north and Quebec City has the best breakfasts on the planet.
First Night, July 4th on the common- two biggies around here
Duck boat ride- yes it is actully fun
Anything around the common of Boston - good eats, movies and plays

La Hacienda and where else? I wasn’t impressed with La Hacienda, Margarita’s is far better. :)

Oh, On the Border? They’re pretty good, good 'ritas, but Margarita’s is still better.

Nashua is increasingly becoming an awful place to live. It’s your typical border town, like Salem, which means it’s basically an extended strip mall with no real character. It’s also much more expensive than living in Merrimack or Manchester. The traffic is horrible all along Rt. 3, because it hooks up with 495 in Chelmsford and 93 in Manchester. Gets worse every year as more people from MA and CT get out of their own crowded states and bring their cars here.

Manchester’s a fine city, though it doesn’t quite have the culture and life that a place like Portsmouth would have. Portsmouth is probably out of the question though, because it’s on the seacoast, and is more expensive than the moon. Considering you’re from SLC, you probably won’t have any expectations for public transportation, which is good, 'cause you won’t get any of that up here.

I moved to Nashua in 97 when it was voted best city to live in in the US, and it was really nice back then. It’s been all downhill since then.

I work right next to Goffs Falls Park, which is pretty nice with up to 5 miles of trails through the woods. Recently security at work advised us to stay out of the park due to “gang activity.” O.o

I still don’t think it’s necessarily a bad place to live, but it’s nowhere near as nice as it was.

I like Nashua- after growing up in a city- I love the fact that I can hit the regular stores, then drive 2 miles and be at excellent farm stands.
I’ve become a corn snob- it better be picked today or I’m not eating it.
I like La Hacienda- get the Rancho pollo- amazing. Also the only place I’ve seen in the north where you can get a true chili sauce. It’s not Church street in Alberqueque but good enough.
Really the best thing in NE is the seafood. Learn to love it.
Had no idea there was a group of us up here-should have a NE Qt3 gathering or something.

My brother lives in Goffstown. The area seems really nice. Very small town… lots of history… I like it in NH and Vermont for that matter. Unless you love the big city, you’ll probably dig it.

Well, Nashua has issues with urban sprawl, and the fact that it’s a huge market for drugs coming up from NYC and Boston. Lots of young, bored professionals with more money than they know what to do with. The ‘gang activity’ is only there becasue it’s a money-maker.

I had read somewhere that New Hampshire is officially the whitest country in the USA, even whiter than Utah. 97% white or something crazy like that?

Maybe as a state,We havent become a country yet, but Nashua is not ‘all white’ by any strech. We have a huge south american population, and a good sized vietnamese/korean population.
Crime in Nashua- yeah it feels on the rise- at least my missing Alienware seems to think so.

I’m for this plan.

As for stuff to do in New Hampshire - man are there some pretty lakes up there. Sunapee and Winnipesaukee are both nice summer day-trip destinations. And of course, there’s skiing in the winter.

Oh an if you are in the industry in the area a good plae to meet and greet is
boston post mortem

And from all the places I interviewed the best to work at seems to be Iron Lore. What a locked on good group of dudes. I’ve been banging on that door quite a bit.

I live in Hanover, which is very nice. Home to Dartmouth college which is also cool. However it’s very expensive to live here and it’s only getting worse.

I’ve been banging on Muzzy Lane’s door for a while as well. A couple years. They have some awesome ideas in the pipe… good guys too.