New Headphones Q

I’m thinking of getting a new set of headphones. I don’t have much cash on me so I thought I’d get Altec Lansings AHS502 from here

My last set didn’t have the mic boom on them so I’m currently using a cheap pair of other headphones to sit around my neck ( the headphones themmselves sound really bad) - I don’t mind doing this so much but recently my proper headphones have been losing sound from the cable being stuffed… so I’m ‘splashing out’ on myself with these.

How ever - I’ve read some reviews and people complain about them being uncomfortable - so does anyone have much experience with these or with the brand or maybe recommend something similar ( I am pretty strapped for cash… so keep them cheap… :) )

Well if you are specifically looking for a plain stereo headset, I would suggest Plantronics. If you want a audiophile set, I think Audiotechnica´s got a good price/performance value. Cheapo Sennheiser / Beyerdynamics / AKG / Sony are not so good on the value. Grado are prolly out of the line too. I find Grado a good headset, but the value is overhyped. If you can afford it get a Beyerdynamic DT 770. Excellent sound for the money.

I use 2 different headset: For gaming/voicechat I use a Plantronics, for listening to music I use a set of Beyerdynamics DT 911 (is the old version of the top of the line 990). Grado is hyped right now, but if you have to get Grados, get the 80 series, its way better then the 60.

I tried a clip-on microphone that I could clip to the line of the DT911 to make it a headset. The comfort is better, but the mike is not directly on my mouth, which is of course not so ideal. Maybe it works better with a better mike.

There are also 5.1 headsets + mikes available and a friend has one called “Medusa” he likes, but I can´t comment to that. What is you budget, anyway?

EDIT: I just see around 44 AUD. Uhhh just get anything for that. Altec Lansings wont be worse, better then anything else in that price section. Though I recommend going to a shop and testing for comfort.

I just ordered that set. Should be here Monday. :D

I really like my Sennheiser PC-150’s. Haven’t really tried many other brands, though, aside from the one that game with my Microsoft GameVoice way back when (which worked, but was uncomfortable and sounded lousy).

Writeup on 'em over at Dan’s Data (which is a kickass site on it’s own merits, btw).

I had the mikeless version of those for a few months, and for WIW, I had no issues with feel or comfort. They aren’t too bad with the quality either.

Now, for my birthday, my younger brother bought me a nice set of cheap Sennheisser HD202’s and I can honestly say that they sound significantly better. The only problem now is that my Nforce 2 board has noisy onboard sound, and I can now hear every HDD access through the phones.

I’ll second the vote for the Sennheiser PC-150. Quite comfortable and great sound.