New hitachi harddrive technology

explained by singing harddrive parts in wacky flash animation. its pretty catchy!

That rocks. But now I keep singing “Get perpendicular…get perpendicular.”

I’m also trying to wrap my head around 30,000 songs in the palm of my hand.

Have I even heard 30,000 distinct songs in my lifetime?

This is great!

Of course it’ll be a while before we actually see them, it will probably wind up cheaper to buy two 500 GB harddrives when the first 1 TB comes out :).

Bah, didn’t you guys see the IBM announcement of millipede? (No, not the arcade game). New storage technology they developed. It can hold 25 DVD’s worth of data on the size of a postage stamp. It’ll take a few years for it to get into consumer devices, but that’s just freaky.