New HTC Touch Pro: Screen Protector recommendations?

Anybody with a touch-capable smartphone who can recommend a good screen protector?

Choices seem to range from the cheap ones on eBay for a couple bucks to the $25 full body Invisible Shield protectors from Zagg. Is there really that much of a functional difference?

What do you use?


Interesting… never heard of these guys, rei.This seems to be a “dry” application rather than the “wet” application like the Invisible Shield offering.

Does it still respond well to touch? Will it last?

Screen protectors are for girlie men!

My 1.5 year old iPhone has never had one, spends lots of time in my pocket with my keys, has fallen to the ground from hand level numerous times, etc. The back of it (plastic/3G) is scratched to hell, but the screen still looks as good as the day I bought it… at least once I wipe all the fingerprints off it does.

YMMV of course with other phones but the iPhone’s screen has been damn near indestructible for me.

Yeah, I’ve got a couple of scratches in my iPhone’s screen. One of which is in a very annoying location.

Still, I don’t use a screen protector, because all of the ones I’ve seen are even more annoying.

i’ve used brando protectors for years since the early Palm Pilots and onto my iPhone as well. Thick plastic and touch still works well.