New Images from the Spitzer Space Telescope

Have you guys seen some of these images? OMFG, they’re just amazing. Check it out:

Wow. That’s actually some pretty cool stuff.

Very impressive images. I haven’t heard of this telescope before - I had thought Hubble was the only orbiting space telescope.

Well, it went up in August, so no surprise we haven’t heard much about it before.

Well it’s a infra-red telescope, not necessarily very sexy or needed of corrective lenses like the Hubble.

The Hubble replacement should be up & coming in the next five-to-ten years I think.

By the way, the first of many Mars probes (including two US probes and landers) should be arriving starting this week I think, and lasting throughout the next month or so.

The first, Europe’s Mars Express, successfully released its lander (Beagle-2) for a Christmas Day touchdown. US’ Spirit is due for Jan 3 and Opportunity on Jan. 24.

— Alan

While Japanese engineers are scheduled to bang their heads on a wall the period in question.