New Joint Ops 100 Player demo

The new demo is out. Take a look and let me know your thoughts? It features a brand new multiplayer 1km sq map tailored for 100 players and includes the following features taken from the retail version of game:

• 19 Land, Sea & Air drivable vehicles – Cut through the water in a Mark V boat, rain hell fire from above, while piloting an AH-6 Little Bird, or smash the domineering Stryker through enemy territory and a lot more! The retail version has 29 Vehicles.
• Take out the enemy & defend with valor with 27 modern-day weapons! Deliver a deadly long range message with a shoulder fired Stinger missile, or kick ass at close range with the M4 rifle with optional M203 grenade launcher. The retail version has 35 weapons.
• 5 Classes – 2 Countries – Fight as a Rifleman, Engineer, Gunner, Medic or Sniper from either the US or Indonesia. The retail version has 5 Classes, 7 nationalities and 67 different skin combinations.

The demo is available for download at the following links:


3D Gamers:
Happy Puppy (Registration required):


Im definatley going to try this when I get home from work, was going to try the first beta/demo but after hearing what people said about it never bothered.