New KOF XII Screenshots

KOF XII will be shown on AM 08 (Its like a E3 for Arcade games) from september 18 to 20.
Im so pumped for this game… almost to the same level as the MGS4 release !

This is gonna be amazing. I just wish it will come out on PC… sigh

Well… the hardware that will run KOF XII on arcades is PC based.
So the emulation is really posible.
Anyway , its gonna rock. The definitive 2D KOF.

I’m as giddy as a little girl!

Amen on the PC.


These screenshots made my day when I saw them on GAF. I’m way more excited for this than any of the other fighters on the way including Street Fighter IV.

I have hopes that SNK is bringing the best 2D fighting game in a long time.

Wait, why do you guys want it for PC? I’d rather have it on a console. Am I missing something?

I want it for PS3 , so im cool since SNK has already confirmed it.

Am not turning this onto a console/PC war thread.

I have a PC, it’s good and ready to go. Supply it with KOF goodies, please.
That’s all you need to know.

They really should make a PC release just to compete with SF4. I’d buy it, and I can barely throw fireballs with my shitty square-gate Hori Arcade Fighting Stick EX2.

I’d rather see it in arcades for a good long time right next to Street Fighter IV, and have it help draw people in to fight face to face.

Throw BlazBlue in there, along with Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, and it’s a regular fighting game renaissance!

Because I want it and SFIV on my Arcade Cabinet

You should be a happy man.
im thinking of buying a Neo Geo Arcade cabinet , with some KOFs.
The cabinet + 1 cartridge it cost me : 850 dollars, is a good price ?

That’s way out of line. Do you have a link to pics of the cab?

A Big Red should cost you around $3-400 unless it’s absolutely mint and has a four or six slot board in it with 100% working memory card slot and headphone jacks.

A friend of mine who’s been an arcade collector for years just got a two slot cab for $300 and replaced it with a four slot board for another $100.

Games… especially KoF… are inexpensive. MVS games are very common with a few exceptions. It’s nothing like the costs of collecting for the home system. Believe me, I know. I’ve got 16 recently purchased AES games and a system at home.

Someday I’ll probably switch to MVS and use the AES to pay for it. I don’t have the room right now, though.

Thanks for the info, here were i live there arent many guys selling arcades, so i dont have many choices :( .
I would love to have a NEO GEO arcade on my home and brag about it to impress girls:

Fersis: ‘Hey honey,look at this 24-bit super sweet board’
Girl: ‘Do you wanna have a tri some with my sister?’
(well, it can happen…right ?