New KONG trailer is up

Pretty sweet. I’m loving these new “HD” trailers.

The weird natives on the island look a little too much like orcs. The dinosaurs look kinda generic… they’re actually scarier in the video game. Kong looks great, though. I love the interplay between him and the girl (whatever her name is… I always think of her as "Fay Wray) in the jungle/dinosaur scene.

I don’t know. It just doesn’t look that good. Especially the all CGI scene at the end. I have seen color photos of New York and they look nothing like it. It looks like one huge video game. Its one thing to suspend belief of an all cgi set of the place long long ago far far away. Its another when its a place I’ve been too and have seen from that time period. The acting looks bad. Kong himself looks pretty good; except that he looks more like Might Joe Young than Kong.

I’d like to watch this in High Def, and I don’t mind downloading the new Quicktime 7 System Hijack, but I resent the automatic bundling of iTunes. I don’t have an iPod, and I like WMP just fine, TYVM. Hey Apple… take your forced bundle and shove it.


You might be interested in the well-hidden standalone QuickTime 7 player:

It’s amazing how in this day and age it STILL looks as though Naomi Watts is standing against a composited backdrop. Check out the scene where the dinosaur is walking toward her and Kong drops into frame. FAKE.

There was a dinosaur and Kong in that scene? All I noticed was the lovely Naomi Watts.

Every time I see a trailer I keep hoping that it’s pre-release footage and that they’ll be cleaning it up – or really, uncleaning it up – before the release.

It’s got that nasty Phantom Menance sheen to everything, which is a shame.

I think I will enjoy it. The special effects look fine to me. The ~1930 NYC skyline and streets looks excellent, like something from Gotham, but close enough to NYC that I don’t feel anything is wrong.

I was surprised at how much the sets remind me of Lord of the Rings. The quick flashes to negative to crank up the tension. The tribal ruins look a lot like Mordor. I do not think the natives look like Orcs, but their camp has that Orcish feel, especially the bamboo contraption that lowers the girl behind the wall, and all the little do-dad skulls hung around the village.

The scene where Watts walks backwards underneath Kong is probably the worst composited shot - almost as bad as the heroes running away from the Black Gate when it’s opening. I love other parts of it, seems to be composited well, has this bloomy effect to it.

— Alan

Trailer was better than the first one. That’s all I have to say.

They’ve got a little composititing work left to do, but 99% of the audience doesn’t know or care.

That scene where Kong catches Watts and the T-Rex tries to eat her is worth my $10 right there.

Is anyone else bothered a little bit by the fact that, at least in those last few sequences, it seems that Watts’ character is sympathetic towards Kong?

She screams “Nooo” when the planes are shooting at Kong. I don’t know… for whatever reason that doesn’t seem right. She is supposed to be deathly afraid of him the entire movie.

I thought Kong falls in love with her, so to speak, and she sort of loves him back. Isn’t that somewhat hinted at in the original? There’s fear there, of course, but not a hysterical fear.

In the original, and someone can correct me if I’m wrong here, Kong definitely falls in love with the woman and does everything he can to protect her. However, he realizes at the end that she is completely terrified of him and ultimately kills himself by falling off the Empire State building.

And this trailer seems to be showing some sort of developing sympathy which to me, seems out of place.

I saw the original, of course, but I don’t recall Kong’s fall being suicide. I could be wrong. I haven’t seen it in a long time. I don’t have a problem with the female lead feeling compassion for Kong. I have always felt compassion for King Kong. Even as he wreaks havoc in the city, I can’t help feel some empathy for him.

Well I remember that last sequence quite clearly, and while its not said directly that he kills himself, the last line in the movie “It was beauty, killed the beast” implies that he destroyed himself because he realized that the woman he loved would only ever be terrified of him.

Ah, yes. Now I do remember that great last line. I didn’t take it so literally. Don’t they use the female lead as bait? I suppose Kong has feelings for Fay Wray, but I never consider it a love story. Hence, in this new version, I don’t get too worried if the female lead shows a little compassion for the big ape.

Yup, sympathy for the great hairy beast is fine. I would eventually like people to stop screaming “Noooo!” in movies, though. There are other options.

Kong? That’s Racist!