New KONG trailer is up

If getting shot by the aiplanes’ machine guns is suicide, I guess so. Seems to me that the reasonable view of the ending is that Kong realizes he’s going to die, carefully places Ann down out of harm’s way, and then succumbs. Beauty killed the beast by leading to his downfall (literally), not to suicide.

Ok ok… not suicide, but the movie implies that its not the planes that killed him. The fact that the object of his affection completely rejects him sort of leads him to just give up, hence the last line in the movie.

Perhaps, but I’m not even sure he noticed the rejection. I think “Beauty killed the beast” stems from the fact that it was his pursuit of Ann that first lead to his capture. Then when he was a comparatively docile captive, he only struggled and went on his ultimately fatal rampage when the thought the photographers were attacking Ann. Thus, his chasing after Beauty caused his death.

I don’t want to backpedal anymore, but I will say this, the original movie still does not have Fay Wray showing sympathy for Kong. And I personally think it’s a bit out of place.

I agree with that. I wonder if it’s the difference between modern sensibilities and the 1930s. Compare a zoo designed back then with a modern version. The feelings of animals, even those as advanced as apes, weren’t given much consideration.

If they showed any mad ape love on screen, I would have to agree. But a little bit of great ape compassion is no problem for me. Have you not seen Gorillas in the Mist?

Or Planet of the Apes?

— Alan

I’ve always thought they should put a giant Kong on the top of the Empire State.
Looks amazing.
You are right Fay never did show compassion, but becasue of that last line, I think the collective myth is that it was some tragic love story.

It is. It’s a tragic unrequited love story.

Bingo. Thats what I mean. The love is only going one way, which is the tragedy. If it starts going both ways, even a little bit, it robs the story of a lot of its dramatic power.

On the flip side, it becomes a pron ace #1 must have hit of the new century!