New laptop question (MacBook Air?)

So, I’m relocating to Germany and I’ll be living in hotels for several weeks while all my stuff (including my desktop PCs) are in transit by boat.

I have an (older) work MacBook Pro that I’m bringing with, but I can’t really install personal software on it (games, etc) so I’m thinking of buying a new laptop to use while we’re in-transit (and as a replacement for the crappy slow Dell netbook my wife has)

I’m trying really hard not to get back into the Windows world, and my brief peek at Windows laptop reviews didn’t make me feel too excited (build quality issues, lots of crapware installed, etc). But I’ve stubbed my toe enough times on games that aren’t available on the Mac that I’d probably consider one if the price/value was right.

I mostly am playing games on consoles/ipad these days, so I’d use the laptop for light gaming (indie games, maybe stuff like Torchlight 2, but I’m not trying to blast out the latest FPS or anything).

So anyone own a windows laptop/ultrabook they are really excited about recommending? On the Mac side, the retina Mac Book Pro is sexy but a little outside what I’d like to spend. I’m kind of leaning towards a MacBook Air 13", but even that is pricey once you bump up the ram/storage from the defaults. Anyone do casual/indie gaming on the MBA? How is that working out for you?

If you opt for the Air, just get one with a reasonable amount of storage and install Parallels or Boot Camp. Then you can have your Mac and access to all the Windows games too. That’s what I did with my 13" Air before I sold it.

Yeah, I’ve heard suggestions to “just run Boot Camp”, but my experience with BootCamp on my Mac Mini has been poor (really crappy drivers). I couldn’t even get a decent framerate in Kings Bounty, fer chrissake. Although that may have more to do with the crummy video hardware on the Mac Mini than anything else…

I guess BootCamp was working fine for you on the Air?

I game a bit on my MBA. It’s not really a games machine but it will run most things with an OSX client ok - I was playing Diablo 3 and Civ 5 on it mostly. I will be seeing how GW2 runs on it soon too. It plays those games pretty smoothly and without any huge drop in eye-candy or performance but it will get hot, the fan will kick in and it will sound like the end of the world is sat on your lap.

It really depends on the Mac. The recent MacBook Airs have the newer Intel integrated graphics with only somewhat crappy integrated graphics accleration, as opposed to “abysmal.” They do fine with indy games, and can even run recent titles at medium resolution with medium-to-low detail.