New Laptop - Terrible Download Speeds

Hey, I purchased a brand new laptop a few months ago. I’ve been setting it up slowly over the past few months - weaning off my old laptop. I noticed while downloading CoD: Modern Warfare that the download was going extremely slowly - but I suffered through it and let the download run for about 24 hours until installation. I figured it was something to do with which is not a service I have used in years.

Now, a month or so later - I’m trying to download DOS2 via steam and the download is 12 hours with a download speed of 2MB/s. I downloaded the game within an hour and 15 minutes on my 5 year old laptop.

Doing a speed test…

My old laptop gets 50MB/s download and 50 MB/s upload.

Both of these connections are wireless. Network band is 5Ghz.

Is there a way for me to tell if something that came installed on my laptop is throttling my download speeds? Any other suggestions are appreciated.

Try safe mode with networking.

If possible, you could also try a wired connection just to see if there is any change.

Is Windows updating in the background?

Sometimes in the device settings you can force it to use an ac network over a slower one, try that, it should help. Also if you have any network software not drivers installed then try uninstalling them.

Trying to test what I can before I run off to galaxycon.

Wired connection seems quite a bit better on my new laptop.



Hmmm, I’m cautiously optimistic, this looks like it may have worked. I’ll have to set some things to download while I’m gone.

Seems to work quite well now. Thanks all!