New Life, New Profession, New Minis!

Hey Guys. Its been a while. I don’t know if everyone knew this, but I parleyed my advanced degrees and got my teacher certification, and have been teacher (rather successfully) for the past year now. While now I’ve had to transition to online teaching because of the current world situation, I have a steady income and some stable mental health. It is in no small part because of this website and this community.

Anyway, I have been working with some of my kids with bad home situations, and have started (or tried to start) a miniatures club where they can come to my class before and after school (staying usually until I’m kicked out) and paint and play mini wargames. It was off to a great start. I have even gotten some support from mini companies and some freebies.

So, I have started building and painting minis and terrain again.If you’re interested, Ill be posting updates on my progress, and some of the student’s stuff as well (when we get back to it). I am unsure if gaming is the right subforum, but I’ll post here to start, and have it moved if it’s not.

Hey man, I don’t think I’ve really been in the same threads as you but that sounds great, glad things are going well for you.

Well done, keep it up! Yeah, definitely post those minis and terrain - would be cool to see.

So happy for you Jimbo, nice to hear some positive stories in this current climate.

So good to hear you’re in a better place now. I hope it keeps getting better and better!

That’s awesome! Great to hear from you.

Mate, I am so, so happy to hear you are in a much better space now. Working through depression is no mean feat, so well done.

Often the best way to help yourself can be through helping others. Glad to hear this great news. I’d love to see some more minis. Have you considered Patreon to help fund your endeavors when you get back with the kids? I would definitely kick in.

Glad you are doing well @axisandallies .

Seems like as good a forum as any, looking forward to seeing your painting!

Awesome to hear, @axisandallies ! Glad to hear things are working out for you.

Awesome to get this update. Seems like your hard work is paying off. Way to go!

That’s great news, thanks for checking in. I did see you were still online regularly through Steam but was always concerned. Stable work and health are good things, happy for you!

That’s a thought. Running low on miniatures, and teachers don’t earn much. Also would love to eventually get an airbrush and 3d printer.