New Lost Thread for 05-06 Season

I’d like to cristen a new Lost thread for the new season with this picked up from (my nomination for best near-NSFW wallpaper for a blog):

This is a funky new trailer for the debut of the series on Channel 4 in the UK. Apparently, it was shot by David Lachappelle and the music is from Portishead.

So, what are you looking forward to this season?

In a recent mailer from Oceanic Airlines, there was a transcript from a future show…just 2 lines, but it’s cool nonetheless:

LOCKE: You’re lighter. I can belay you down and bring you back up just as easy. Shaft may be narrower down there, too.

KATE: You left out the part where you just wanna see if I’m gonna be eaten by something.

I just picked up the Season 1 DVD set, which came out yesterday. I’ve only re-watched the pilot so far (jesus, that opening is great), but apparently the bonus features disc has flashbacks originally intended for the season finale but were cut. Could be just the thing to get ready for the premiere in two weeks :)

I also liked the article by Stephen King in the latest EW, where he talks about how awesome Lost is, but how it also needs to avoid the trap of perpetually stringing things along to keep milking ABC’s newfound cash cow. I hope they keep the pace up this year.

I am jonesing pretty hard. That and CSI, but I am one of the few on this forum that is man enough to admit that.

After the Tarantino closer of last season, I’m with you, my friend. Local cable also began offering DVR a few months ago, so I managed to get all of the CSI episodes in front of my eyes at one time or another (TNT versions).

I’d heard an interesting thing about the last episode of Lost from last season: Is it true that on the boat of the Others, there was someone handcuffed, as if they’d already been around, picking up prisoners?

Boooooo! I thought we’d keep the old thread going for the sake of continuity. Ah well.

I think it goes without saying that I’m pretty exciting for the start of season two. And yes… I won’t lie, I think I’ll probably bump up the old thread anyway.

CSI sucks.

I have a hankering for CSI like I have a hankering for Hep-A.

— Alan

We could head this thread off by dogpiling on with CSI hate. Worst. Dialog. Ever. My roommate had the CSI marathon going on Monday. I’d walk into the room, watch for about five minutes, and leave in disgust, stupider for having watched it and angry for having let myself think maybe this time it wouldn’t suck.

[quote=“Wholly Schmidt”]Worst. Dialog. Ever. [quote]

Have you seen CSI Miami? :)

Anyways back on topic… Um… ya I can’t wait for Lost.

[quote=“Jazar”][quote=“Wholly Schmidt”]Worst. Dialog. Ever.

Have you seen CSI Miami? :)

Anyways back on topic… Um… ya I can’t wait for Lost.

They found a way to make it worse?!

Yes. It has a preening, screen-grabbing egotist (David Caruso) in it. It makes it worse in every way possible.

— Alan

CSI Miami ocassionally veers into unintentional comic genius. See the episode set in a game studio, for example. One of the clues is some spilled pop in a coder’s office. The pop is traced back to a tester, and they know something’s up, because a tester would NEVER hang out with a coder!

I still like the original CSI quite a bit. And I’m really looking forward to Lost, too (just to stay on topic).

Ok thats it… I’m bumping the original Lost thread up tomorrow. You have all been warned.